Scorpio 2020 Horoscope

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Saturn’s permanence in Cancer’s House during the whole year will make Scorpio go through periods of joy or disappointment, according to the direct or retrograde position of the planet, that will make its influence be felt in all decisions.

The three first months of the year, the retrograde position will cause Scorpio discomforts within the family, the couple and, in general, with everyone close to them. Times of deep changes arise, and more than one native of the sign will become engrossed with negative thoughts and become mean facing even the smallest problem. The restrictive Saturn will also act in the labour field, forcing Scorpio to be careful with malicious people that desire to associate with mysterious objectives. This time, Scorpio’s proverbial mistrust will be an advantage that will allow them to discover tricks and scams. It’s not advisable in this period to start societies, change jobs or invest in a risky way.

From may the 10th onwards, the situation will turn around spectacularly and all problems will disappear magically because of Saturn’s direct movements over Cancer, that will allow them to begin an evolutionary process regarding work, soul and mind. Scorpio will be noticeable for facing activities that promote general welfare and related to solidarity and teamwork. Scorpio will lead the working environment and know how to make the most of the opportunities 2020 provides.

Politics will also be a propitious field to stand out, but only if Scorpio natives can overcome their impulsive attitudes, that can seriously implicate them. From may onwards, direct Jupiter over Virgo’s House will force natives to organize themselves if they wish a good position in the labour and economic field. Jupiter, the great benefactor will introduce original and creative ways of increasing the incomes and the abilities and intelligence of Scorpio will be the best match for them. It’s possible that they establish contacts with the foreign and associate in order to import products.

This period, that will last until November, will favour family life and relationships. The agreements with the loved ones will be immediate, and Scorpio will be able to unfold their sleeping sensuality, flaunting their amatory art. The last months of the year, Jupiter from Leo will fill Scorpio’s life with fire, who will live volcanic romances and will dare to insist and fight for that love that seems impossible, until getting its attention.

This will be times in which affective bonds may be created, both in long-term relationships and people who just recently met. Love at first sight, will make more than one Scorpio fall in love. Uranus from Pisces will contribute with couple relationships stabilizing and harmony reigning, despite of the ups and downs of other planets, not so benefic. When the Sun is in the sign’s House, near the birthday of every native, they will receive an extra gift. A distanced person will come back, and never separate again from the faithful Scorpio.

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Scorpio 2020 Horoscope
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