Taurus 2020 Horoscope

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The first months of the year, the retrograde position of Saturn in Cancer’s House will destabilize Taurus emotionally, making their beliefs totter and even testing their patience regarding relationships within the family or couple. Taurus will feel under maximum pressure and think nobody understands their lifestyle. This will be temporal and, in the middle of March, when Saturn, the austere planet, moves again through Cancer’s House in a direct way, the conflicts will be reversed and Taurus will find almost magical solutions to answer things that seemed impossible before.

This is why it will be important to take care of not hurting the others or isolating themselves, avoiding contact with those who appreciate it the most. Taurus will have to make an effort to chase away the fear of leaving the heart totally opened. Proceeding with the honesty that characterize will end up surprising them with better results than they expected.

In the economic field, the presence of various planets in Earth Houses makes well deserved victories expectable. Possibly a working opportunity more creative than what they are doing now will allow them to grow both economic and intellectually, as it will demand creativity and practical intelligence. From July the 11th onwards, Uranus moving retrogradely in Pisces House may cause problems regarding associations. Try not to side with preconceived ideas and avoid Taurus’ obstinance. Listening the others will be the best way of moving this complicated period in social and working relationships. In the second half of the year many Taurus will have to solve old matters related to inheritances or other unfinished legal problems.

The month of October will be marked by the presence of Venus in Scorpio, bringing a pleasant surprise for the singles of the sign, as a person of incredible magnetism will begin to gravitate emotionally in their lives and create unforgettable moments. If your heart is already taken, you will have to strengthen the passion with your soulmate, as Venus in Scorpio demands action and erotism. Unfold all the charm and seduction you can and try to live the best moments of couple’s life. As this year will make you more emotionally vulnerables, don’t allow close relatives to interfere in the daily life.

Taurus’ health will have ups and downs, even though they will generally enjoy good health. Digestive problems arising because of tantrums and annoyance may cause temporary pains that will last if they don’t leave the problems aside when sitting at the table.

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Taurus 2020 Horoscope
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