Taurus 2017 Horoscope

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Think green, gold, and glitter as Jupiter travels in Sagittarius, your solar Eighth House of money. This fortunate period, which happens only once every twelve years, ups the financial odds in your favor. With luck, you can greet December 18, the date Jupiter moves on to Capricorn, with a fatter bank account than you had at the start of 2017. Your paycheck could become significantly larger, and you might benefit from a windfall such as an inheritance, lottery or contest win, settlement, or gift from a relative. But curb the urge to splurge with credit unless you find a zero-interest deal that you can pay off by the deadline. Otherwise, save up and pay cash for big-ticket items. Shop around to get the best mortgage rate if you plan to purchase or build a new home (or improve your current one) and seal the deal before September 2, when Saturn enters Virgo.

Saturn is in the final stretch of its two-year trip through Leo, your solar Fourth House of home and family. You may have already relocated, purchased property, or remodeled your home. If finances have held you back before, Jupiter could change that. But buy less rather than more so you can afford to travel next year, which you’ll want to do, and help pay or save for your children’s college expenses.

Do-it-yourself decorating and home improvements can save dollars if you have the skills. If not, positive planetary alignments can help you gain the know-how. This year you may take on extra responsibilities involving an elderly relative, including the possibility of someone moving in with you. Although sharing your home might seem workable, it probably won’t be a long-term solution, so look for an alternative if you have a choice.

You’ll have many opportunities to widen your circle of friends, just as you have had the past four years when Uranus began traveling through Pisces, your solar Eleventh House of group activities. Fill your weekends with socializing and consider joining a club or professional organization to meet people and network. You could meet a soul mate unexpectedly this year who becomes a friend or romantic interest. Although the relationship will have its challenges, realize that you were brought together for a reason. Learn from each other about life, people, change, new directions, and what you hope to

achieve. Even if you’re together only a short time, you’ll feel as though you’ve made a major difference in each other’s lives.

What you know is as important as who you know this year as Neptune continues its fourteen-year tour of Aquarius, your solar Tenth House of career. You can expect the typical career ups and downs, successes and challenges, disillusionment and inspiration, but the positives can far outweigh the negatives if you use visionary, intuitive Neptune to your advantage. Some people will support your efforts, others won’t, so don’t put all your faith in a single supporter. Line up as many backers as you can and be sure each is aware of your skills and talents. Then use your marvelous common sense, create a plan, and make your big dreams reality.

Pluto is nearing the end of its long Sagittarius transit and will enter Capricorn next year. You’ve undoubtedly had a wide range of financial experiences in the past twelve years as the planet of transformation focused its energy on your solar Eighth House of other people’s money.

What you have learned will be especially important this year. The universe, in a sense, will test your knowledge and challenge you to make wise use of Jupiter’s largesse. That should be a snap for you and your sensible approach to money matters, though the temptation to spend will be stronger than usual. But go ahead and splurge on yourself once in a while. It’s OK.

This year’s solar and lunar eclipses in Virgo and Pisces spotlight your Fifth and Eleventh Houses. Social events, children, romance, hobbies, and other leisure-time activities will delight you. Do what you enjoy and enjoy yourself doing it!

2017 Horoscope

Taurus 2017 Horoscope
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