Virgo 2020 Horoscope

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The first months of the year, with Jupiter retrograde in the Sign and Saturn retrograde in Cancer, Virgo’s affective life will be a little troubled.

The misunderstandings will increase, and Virgo natives will isolate themselves and feel lonely, without anyone to talk. Their habit of measuring and intellectualize affection will drown them in hours of mental activity, with which they will get obsessed. If they were able to leave the speculations aside and avoid mistrusting others, they would realize that they are the architects of their own fate, and the others only reflect on what they receive.

The responsible of such a sudden change is the planet Jupiter, that will take a direct position on Virgo’s House.

There will the great benefactor of the zodiac show all its kindness and allow to undo any previous conflict and lead relationships to success. It will be a time to make the most of, leaving prejudices or doubts aside. Virgo will leap at the chance of solving conflicts quickly, and what used to seem like a impassable wall will now be easy to avoid.

With Jupiter’s protection, the natives of the sign will be able to start any kind of activities, with the conviction of reaching success. Those who work in scientific, technique or humanitarian areas will be the most benefited. Saturn’s favourable position in Cancer will allow the natives to show their feelings easily and get closer to people that used to be distant.

In the months of July and August, the Sun in Leo will give them an extra portion of energy. It will be a good moment to go to the doctor and start diets or anti-stress treatments. Their meticulousness will allow them to follow very carefully the instructions.

The Spring, with Mercury in Virgo from the 11th day, will provide them with great economic news. Many Virgo will receive inheritances, or finally a judicial problem will end with a favourable verdict. In this period they will also get an extra money to invest in what they dream and, surely, it will be related with home or personal goods.

From November the 12th to December the 17th, Mars in Scorpio will cause problems in love. The couple will demand Virgo more erotism and effusiveness.

Virgo natives will have to leave taboos and prejudices aside, and show the other the real love they have for them. Venus in Scorpio, the first half of December, will intensify everything related with romance and passion, and Virgo must keep up with the circumstances. The last month of the year, Uranus’ influence in Pisces, joined by retrograde Saturn’s presence in Cancer will bring back old conflicts of the childhood or adolescence that will stress Virgo.

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Virgo 2020 Horoscope
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