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In 2017, you’ll experience Jupiter’s expansive energy in Sagittarius, your solar Fourth House of home and family. This influence could prompt you to relocate to another community, rent or purchase a home, or remodel your current one.

You can look forward to many happy moments with loved ones and enjoying the place you call your own. Also plan to entertain friends throughout the year, especially potential networking contacts, because this transit also can benefit your career. Jupiter advances into Capricorn, your solar Fifth House, December 18.

This thirteen-month influence promises to liven up your love life and spark plenty of opportunities to socialize. If you’re a parent or hoping for an addition to the family, the next year could bring many reasons to celebrate.

Unlike some signs, Virgo has a certain comfort level with Saturn’s Leo transit. Now in the second of its two-year trip through your solar Twelfth House, you probably have valued time alone in meditation or lost in thought, reflecting on life. But this planetary influence can encourage a hermitlike existence that may not be in your best interests. Try for a balance that includes time for yourself, family, friends, and your partner because you’ll have many opportunities to meet people this year. Then you’ll cherish hours alone even more. In many ways, this is a completion phase as you prepare to begin a new life journey when Saturn enters your sign September 2. Use the months before then to think about what you would like to achieve in the next few years so you’re ready to set plans in motion.

Uranus, in its fifth year in Pisces, your solar Seventh House of relationships, keeps things lively as new and interesting people continue to walk into your life. Each has a purpose—even if it’s fleeting—and the potential to spark a flash of insight. Relationships are prone to ups and downs, more so than usual, and you might decide to part ways with someone close to you. That might or might not be the wisest move, so consider carefully before you act. It’s possible the very traits you dislike in someone else are ones you’d like to change about yourself—so take a closer look and discover the reason behind your feelings. This is true in both your personal life and on the job, where you will have even more opportunities to meet unique people. Some have the potential to change your outlook.

With Neptune in Aquarius, your solar Sixth House of work, service, and health, you may become interested in alternative healing or get involved in a volunteer effort. Either one is likely to put you in contact with many people, and among them could be a soul mate in friendship or love. But with this year’s planetary alignments, it’s unwise to take anyone new at face value. Be cautious and use your common sense. This year also brings you many opportunities at work to use your unique brand of creativity that’s both practical and ideal for concrete results. If your thoughts turn to a home-based business, however, take it slowly and hang onto your day job until earnings match current income. Although Virgo is a health-conscious sign, it’s especially important this year to treat your body well. Sleep, moderate exercise, a nutritious diet, and time to rest and relax will help you maintain physical and mental energy.

Along with Jupiter, Pluto in Sagittarius accents your family and domestic life, effectively doubling the chance for a move or major home remodel. If you’re a messy, but organized, Virgo, first use this powerful energy to clean out and clean up your place from top to bottom. Clearing your personal environment is an excellent way to prepare yourself mentally in anticipation of new directions. In combination with this year’s other planetary influences, you may find it necessary to manage the affairs of an elderly relative or care for one, possibly in your home. Although stressful, this temporary situation will nevertheless have a positive impact upon your evolving view of relationships, your role as a partner or supporter, and what each of you brings to the other.

This year’s eclipses are in Virgo and Pisces, your solar First and Seventh Houses, reinforce the relationship emphasis. Besides adding new friends and acquaintances to your widening circle, this influence will connect you with people who can motivate and inspire you to shift your perspective from the purely practical to one that encompasses the more esoteric aspects of life. If you’re single and searching for love, your soul mate may appear at the least expected moment.

2017 Horoscope

Virgo 2017 Horoscope
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