Aquarius Tomorrow Horoscope

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Friday, October 23: The energy of the number 5 is close to Aquarius: a lot of interesting events and no specifics. The horoscope for tomorrow offers Aquarius to follow their desires in everything. However, try to take into account the feelings of loved ones, do not involve everyone around in their madness. In the first quarter of the moon, stamina and performance of the body increase, however, increases the susceptibility to colds. Avoid hypothermia and draft, drink more fluids. The position of the Moon in Aquarius creates a desire to come in contact with the beautiful, so you may feel the need for vivid impressions. Go to a creative workshop with your children. Stars promise an unexpected meeting with old friends. Time is too fleeting, hurry to enjoy every moment of life, do not deprive yourself of the joy of simple human communication.

Tomorrow Horoscope