Gemini Tomorrow Horoscope

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Sunday, November 1: The number 1 begins a new numerological cycle, so the events of this day are filled with a special, deep meaning. The horoscope for tomorrow advises Gemini to pay great attention to the incoming information. Pay attention to dreams and signs, try not to miss anything important. During the waning gibbous phase there are no restrictions for playing sports. However, eliminate the long-term load on the abdominal organs and hip joints: exacerbation of chronic diseases is possible. Free Gemini can hope for positive changes in his personal life. The moon in Taurus increases the sensitivity, the thirst for love, just look around: maybe your happiness is near. In the near future, you should decide on what goals and objectives you set for yourself. If you want to learn a new specialty, start looking for training courses. However, act with an eye to circumstances, do not chop off the shoulder.

Tomorrow Horoscope