Gemini Tomorrow Horoscope

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Wednesday, January 27: The energy of the number 9 does not have to discourage and feelings, on the contrary, gives the inner strength and will. The horoscope for tomorrow warns Gemini about possible quarrels. Be prudent, do not waste time trying to prove your exclusivity to the whole world. During the waxing gibbous phase moon, all processes in the body are as gentle as possible and do not have serious consequences. If you have been planning to do your health for a long time, start with restorative procedures. Since the Moon in Cancer makes people vulnerable and touchy, quarrels on the basis of jealousy are possible. Trust your feelings, stop looking for a catch in the actions of a loved one. Sometimes it is useful to live one day, even if everyone says otherwise. Of course, you should not indulge in all serious things, but allow yourself to be a little hard, for example, play friends or buy an extravagant outfit.

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