Libra Tomorrow Horoscope

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Monday, 17 February: The current date corresponds to the number 8, which indicates success in all spheres of life. Most likely, you will find a whole string of gifts and pleasant surprises. The horoscope for tomorrow promises Libra all sorts of material benefits: a long-awaited increase in salary, good purchases, winning the lottery. In the waning crescent period of the moon, there is a tendency to depression. Do not harass yourself with feelings, normalize the day and nutrition regime, give up bad habits. Now the family happiness of Libra depends only on themselves. The moon in Sagittarius gives people optimism, so do not focus on unpleasant moments, think only of the good. Do not cling to your past, trying to find all the answers there. Learn to live in the present, accept your destiny as it is. All that is done for the better.

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