Sagittarius Tomorrow Horoscope

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Wednesday, August 12: The influence of the number 3 will give you a lot of strength and energy. The horoscope for tomorrow advises Sagittarius not to limit their activity: do whatever you see fit. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to eat, go to a fashionable exhibition or concert, but first finish all the planned work. During the period of the waning crescent, the process of regeneration of the skin is accelerated. Therefore, procedures aimed at cleansing and removing inflammation, such as mud face masks, are so effective. Now Sagittarius are capable of much for the sake of love. The moon in Gemini provokes people to rash acts, so there is no point in resisting your desires: surrender to feelings without a trace. Do not tempt fate, avoid gossip and intrigue. Now you are too vulnerable to lead undercover games, better direct your energy to solving the most pressing problems.

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