Sagittarius Tomorrow Horoscope

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Saturday, 24 August: The energy of the number 6 is so calm and peaceful that you should not be afraid of unpleasant surprises. The horoscope for tomorrow encourages Sagittarius to be benevolent, open to communication. Do everything in your power to strengthen family and friendship ties. In the period of the waning crescent, the body quickly gets rid of everything superfluous. If you do not want to resort to radical methods of losing weight, simply add more vegetables and fruits to your diet. Now Sagittarius are capable of much for the sake of love. The moon in Gemini provokes people to rash acts, so there is no point in resisting your desires: surrender to feelings without a trace. Do not forget about your appearance, pick up a bright outfit, make a magnificent hairstyle. You have to make a lot of effort, but the result will be worth it: you are the standard of beauty and elegance.

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