Sagittarius Tomorrow Horoscope

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Tuesday, June 2: The horoscope for tomorrow calls Sagittarius to reduce its business activity. The energy of the number 2 is such that you should not take any decisive action on this day. Now is not the best time for business initiatives: the likelihood of concluding an agreement on unfavorable conditions is high. In the waxing gibbous period of the moon, the process of cell renewal is accelerated, the body works with double force. If you are plagued by the effects of old injuries, it’s time to do your health. Now Sagittarius can hope for harmony in family life: the Moon in Libra helps to achieve mutual understanding. Be prepared for compromise, give up in small things for the sake of a big goal — peace and quiet in relationships. Stars do not exclude pleasant meetings, the arrival of guests is likely. Take advantage of this chance to improve relations with distant relatives, do not skimp on feelings: the more you give, the more you get.

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