Scorpio Tomorrow Horoscope

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Saturday, 24 August: The number of day 6 calls for moderation and prudence: no quarrels and conflict situations. The horoscope tomorrow reminds Scorpios of the need to maintain friendly and family ties. So try to be kinder to close people, do not grieve them for trifles. In the period of the waning crescent, the body quickly gets rid of everything superfluous. If you do not want to resort to radical methods of losing weight, simply add more vegetables and fruits to your diet. Scorpio parents can make irreparable mistakes: the Moon in Gemini makes people less organized and more selfish. Try for a while to forget about your interests, fully concentrate on the child. You should probably pay attention to your wardrobe. Do not be afraid to experiment with your image, think of something original: get stylish and bright new clothes.

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