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Friday, October 23: The energy number 5 indicates a quick change of events, so this day is rich in all sorts of surprises and surprises, but more often pleasant. The horoscope for tomorrow does not promise Taurus any significant problems, most likely, things will go better than planned. In the first quarter of the moon, any procedures aimed at cleansing the skin and the whole body are useful. Especially useful are moisturizing masks, wraps with essential oils and clay. Fate is favorable to free Taurus: the Moon in Aquarius increases the craving for the opposite sex. Try to be in the limelight, feel free to take the initiative — you will become noticeable and interesting to others. It is the right moment to go on a trip. What could be better than bright emotions, new impressions and meetings? But do not be discouraged if you can not realize your dreams: everything is still ahead.

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