Virgo Tomorrow Horoscope

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Friday, October 23: The horoscope for tomorrow recommends Virgos to submit to their intuition. Energy number 5 contributes to chaos and confusion in matters, so do not be surprised at everything happening around. Do not look for an answer on the surface, it will be better if you trust your inner voice. The first quarter of the moon is a period when your body needs support. Try to eat right, drink more fluids, give preference to herbal teas and gatherings. For lovers of Virgos, it is time for change: the Moon in Aquarius contributes to the spontaneous expression of feelings. It’s time for dating and romantic confessions — you will be noticed and appreciated. Obviously, you will have pleasant surprises, do not resist fate — it’s time to upgrade. Go shopping in search of the best outfit, think about changing their place of residence or work.

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