Virgo Tomorrow Horoscope

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Wednesday, 11 December: Energy number 2 contributes to the peaceful resolution of all situations. The horoscope for tomorrow reminds: the main weapon of the Virgo is only words and nothing more. Even in the event of a serious conflict, you should not resort to insults, much less physical violence. During the waxing gibbous phase moon, all processes in the body are as gentle as possible and do not have serious consequences. If you have been planning to do your health for a long time, start with restorative procedures. The position of the moon in Gemini contributes to reckless actions, so be careful in communicating with the opposite sex. Do not risk everything that you have for dubious pleasures. Do not be afraid to take on additional commitments — fortune is on your side. Live in full force, show interest in everything new. You can easily cope with tasks of any complexity, so do not be lazy.

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