Virgo Tomorrow Horoscope

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Monday, 17 February: The number of day 8 favors courageous people capable of decisive action. The horoscope for tomorrow advises Virgos to follow their goals, not paying attention to the difficulties and obstacles. Any of your ideas will be met with understanding and approval, just stick to the chosen course. The waning crescent phase of the moon — a time of emotional depression, nervous breakdowns. Yoga classes, walking in the fresh air, chatting with friends will let you forget about the blues. Now the family Virgos will not be easy to build relationships with children: The moon in Sagittarius increases the propensity to rash actions. Chances are that children will test your patience for strength. Stars advise you to take a wait and see attitude. It is better to direct the energy to solving really significant tasks than to waste time on useless conversations and imitating vigorous activities.

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