Virgo Tomorrow Horoscope

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Saturday, 24 August: The energy of the number 6 is conducive to restraint, a thorough approach to business. The horoscope for tomorrow advises Virgos to reasonably treat their official duties: do not waste working time in vain. Try to eliminate any surprises that could degrade the quality of work. During the waning crescent phase, procedures aimed at removing toxins from the body are particularly effective. For an excellent result, it is enough to increase the proportion of fermented milk and cereal products in the diet. For Family Virgos, the position of the Moon in Gemini does not promise peace of mind. Be prepared for the fact that close people suddenly decide to test your nervous system for strength. Even with strong employment, take the time to visit your parents. Ask about their health, if necessary, make an appointment with a doctor. Do not remain indifferent to their problems.

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