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Mars is energy! When it travels through any part of your chart, it energizes that part of your life. This energy can be useful. It can be sexual. It can also be aggressive because Mars is the God of War (Ares). Normally, once every two years, Mars is in your sign for about seven weeks. (This is not too often.) This year is different. This week Mars enters Capricorn to stay for eight weeks; then moves into Aquarius for 12 weeks; then it moves back again into Capricorn for five weeks; then returns to Aquarius for nine weeks. Wow! Mars hovers between just two signs until mid November. That's a strong punch in a small part of your chart! Let's look at what this unusual activity of Mars means for all of us. (Incidentally, Cupid was the son of Mars. Omnia vincit amor. Love conquers all.)

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