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Imagine Etta James singing, "At laaaaast!" That's how I feel as Mars finally changes signs this week. Why so glad? Well, here's the skinny: Every two years, Mars is in your sign for six weeks. Depending on the sign it is in, it might be favourable or hellish. This year 2018 was a different story. This year, Mars hovered in Aquarius (and briefly Capricorn) for most of the year! Aagghh! This was a HUGE imbalance of energy for many people. (Including me.) It helped some, but it created unwanted aggression for many. It was literally - "too much!" Finally, this week, Mars moves into Pisces. After that, it will move through all signs every six weeks as usual for the next 20 months. Thankfully, balance will be restored (but there will be a small charge for alterations).

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Weekly Horoscope
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