Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

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Be careful what you say, especially around Tuesday, because the wrong words at the wrong time could upset someone. A very restless tie between fiery Mars and revolutionary Uranus suggests that you could be in an edgy mood and not inclined to make polite conversation. You could even be little too truthful with someone who may be feeling rather sensitive. At the same time, someone could benefit from a dose of their own medicine, and this aspect could bring the insight they need.

As focused Mars moves into Taurus and your home and family sector, it can act like a whirlwind encouraging you to get rid of clutter and make more space to welcome in fresh opportunities. Over the next six weeks, your home could go through a major makeover that changes it for the better.

If an invitation comes your way this weekend, consider it because the encounter could be very inspiring to you.

Weekly Horoscope


Aquarius Weekly Horoscope
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