Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

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If there’s a conflict regarding a project or idea, this could come to a head midweek. A temporary but edgy aspect between logical Mercury and feisty Mars could find you disagreeing with someone and feeling put out by their attitude. However, if you address this matter again a few days down the line, the response should be much more constructive.

There is a lot of activity in your sector of communication because dynamic Mars will be here until early 2021. This is the time to promote your work using all the means at your disposal. And if you put energy into this, your brand, blog, and/or website could begin to do very well.

Still, with healer Chiron going into reverse in the same sector this weekend, this can be a call to speak your truth rather than water things down to suit the expectations of others.

Finally, messenger Mercury turns direct on Sunday, so matters at work or concerning your business can begin to take a more progressive turn.

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