Gemini Weekly Horoscope

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If you feel a little put out by the actions of a friend, don’t take it too seriously. They may have issues to deal with, and this might be one way to let off steam. With the new moon in your social sector linking to the healing energy of Chiron, this can be an opportunity to take your friendship to a deeper level. Reach out and be prepared to talk things over. Doing so can help melt away any barriers to greater intimacy.

In general, the new moon in your social zone is an excellent time to move in new circles and explore possibilities for networking and community projects in your area.

If you feel attracted to someone, the temptation to let them know may be very strong, especially on Friday and over the weekend. Let your intuition be your guide on this.

On another note, a dream of yours could come to fruition if you pool your resources with others to make it happen.

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