Leo Weekly Horoscope

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Your social sector continues to look lively with the sun newly in this sector bringing opportunities to connect and unwind. Still, with it in inquisitive Gemini, you may find yourself involved in all kinds of activities as your curiosity leads you to explore further. This can be a peak time to make new friends and move in new circles.

Luscious Venus will continue retrograde in this sector for some while yet, so it might be best to not get too involved in the romantic sense. Someone could capture your attention, but with Venus in reverse, you might question the relationship a little too much and put it in jeopardy. Take your time getting to know this person and you’ll intuit whether they’re suitable for you or not.

On Thursday, messenger Mercury moves into a more secluded sector of your chart where it can connect you to your intuitive knowing and encourage you to write down your dreams. It’s worth looking into them because they could contain valuable guidance.

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