Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

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A romantic date might have an extra-special quality on Tuesday with a lovely lineup in your leisure zone. Whether single and going on a first date or spoken for and hoping to rekindle your bond, you could have a very memorable time.

You could get bogged down in overthinking, though, even though a task should be relatively straightforward. This is one of those times when it would help to get out of your own way because you could be blocking the natural flow. Vigorous exercise can help resolve this, especially if you make it a daily habit. It might help you relax, which will likely make a major difference to the outcome.

Optimistic Jupiter goes into reverse on Wednesday, until August 11, which might see you exploring the potential in moneymaking schemes so you can move ahead when the time is right.

Finally, a shopping spree on Sunday could be a lot of fun.

Weekly Horoscope


Scorpio Weekly Horoscope
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