Taurus Weekly Horoscope

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The call of the wild may be the reason you’re moved to explore new territory or take up a class early in the week. However, with a lunar eclipse in Capricorn on Tuesday, take care not to act on impulse. You’d be wise to think about the consequences first so you don’t come to regret it later. Asking a friend for advice could be a good move.

Even so, you may find it difficult to get along with someone due to an awkward Venus link. Because of this, it would be best not to take things too personally.

There may be further complications over the coming days when someone seems aloof, then extremely friendly, and perhaps rather intense. Bide your time for now, because things will get a lot easier between you next week.

You’ll enjoy the upbeat discussions that are possible as of Friday, which could lead to an in-depth understanding of an ongoing emotional issue. Let your instincts guide you on Sunday.

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