Aquarius Monthly Health Horoscope

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This month you need to pay special attention to your diet as you are prone to putting on weight easily. Try and avoid junk food as much as possible for overall good health. Children will be in good spirits and will get relief from any health issues that had been troubling them. Some of you may suffer from throat problems so make sure you keep away from extremely cold and hot foods. Pregnant women are advised to follow your doctor’s advice religiously. If you follow a strict exercise regimen it would be best for you to take it a bit easy as too much exertion might not be good. You must maintain a strict balance between work and home as a very hectic schedule is indicated for you. You will be required to be in many places at one time which will definitely stress you out. Meditation will be a big factor in helping you to calm down and release stress. Stomach upsets are indicated for some of you so do be careful about your diet. There are chances of your suffering from sunburn or skin rashes so you are advised to stay out of the sun and use sun-protection whenever out.

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