Virgo Monthly Health Horoscope

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Steer clear of alcohol and unhealthy food as you are indicated to fall prey to the temptation of binging, advise astrologers at Astroyogi. There is a high probability that you may end up with a major health ailment in the beginning of the month because of your tendency to overeat. By the first weekend, certain stressful situations may affect your health, and stressing yourself is just what you should not be doing. The second week will be more inclined towards improving your health. You are likely to modify your eating habits and embark on a new fitness regime, maybe aerobics or yoga. Do not consume anything that is considered to be bad for your health. Also, do not ignore your health problems in the third week. Take a specialist’s advice for your problems. A stressful life and irregular eating habits could cause some minor headaches by the end of the month. Like many other diseases you can easily prevent these by exercise and the right lifestyle. The main thing is to control risk factors like diabetes and high blood pressure, if you are already suffering from it. Strictly avoid smoking, as it is likely to have a bad effect on your health.

Monthly Wellness Horoscope