Aquarius 2017 Wellness Horoscope

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This year promises change, Aquarius, but not the upheaval you’ve been dealing with over the past seven years. It won’t solve all your problems—in fact, a couple of new ones will surface— but nothing will compare to the wild ride you’ve had since seven years ago.

Are you ready for a relationship adventure? Jupiter spends most of the year in your opposing sign of Leo, and that’s what may be in store. Jupiter here can bring partnership opportunities, lots of partners, a partner who travels (wanna go along?), or even a partner who goes astray. Generally Jupiter bodes well, and it can bring lots of response to your efforts from the world around you. If you are involved in any business that uses personal effort to create success, you will find this to be a peak period.

If you do counseling or one- on-one work with others, you will find this to be a very profitable time. Once Jupiter enters Virgo in August the emphasis goes to money—as in getting more of it. There could be a temptation to spend extravagantly as well. Keep in mind that this is a peak in a twelve-year cycle, and that there may be a leaner time in a few years to correspond to this time now. Jupiter periods are good for building a reserve.

Saturn in Gemini has been one of its lovelier placements for you. Of course, it’s not great to have Saturn anywhere in the short run, but in the long run Saturn brings us our greatest, most robust rewards—if we do our work and live an honorable life.

Though Saturn’s placement in Gemini put a damper on your fun, it also meant that you were serious enough to want to create things of lasting value. By now, you should be seeing some manifestations of that. However, it will be ten years before the full fruits of your labors will show, so be patient. Starting in June, Saturn will be in Cancer, putting the spotlight on your solar Sixth House of health and lifestyle. There will be no better time to adopt a new health regimen or dietary plan because you’ll have the discipline to go with it, even if it’s just the fear of cholesterol as a result of your latest checkup.

Relax—you’ve got three years to work it out. Allow yourself to travel the road of slow, steady progress, because that’s what lasts. Chiron is in your solar Twelfth House, and there’s a whole lot of healing going on. You may have been uncovering wounds, both physical and emotional, since early last year. An active role in healing—finding support or doing it yourself—is on the menu this year. You could also find yourself working, paid or volunteer, in a hospital or hospice.

The big news for you this year is that Uranus finally, finally is leaving your sign. It moves into Pisces in March, then makes its last-gasp return to Aquarius in September to finish out the year and make sure you’ve really gotten that final course correction. It will feel better in your solar Second House of finance and resources, but it is still in the heavens, and so it is still affecting our lives. Remember that it is more active when we move away from our center to an extreme position.

If you like to take big risks, or become attached to your material possessions, Uranus will have fun with you in the coming seven years. You’ll have fun with Uranus only if you can let go and live in the calm, moderate center. Neptune is still affecting your sense of self, and it means to dissolve away what is not spiritual and deeply meaningful in your life. It creates vision in order to see the big picture.

If your schemes seem grandiose (not likely for an Aquarius), try learning more about whether they’re possible. You can allow the outer world to temper your ideas of what to create, but you shouldn’t let it kill your dreams. Pluto has been a sideshow for you compared to the other outer planets. Still, it’s like the thief lurking in the brush. He may be after your neighbor’s fortune, not yours, but you still could fall prey if you are careless. An open and fluid attitude is your best friend.

The eclipses are moving from your solar Fifth-Eleventh House axis to your Fourth-Tenth House axis. This shifts your focus from your social milieu to home and business. You may experience more challenges this year, but that means that there’s something happening to challenge you, and that brings growth, which leads to success.

2017 Wellness Horoscope

Aquarius 2017 Wellness Horoscope
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