Aries 2017 Wellness Horoscope

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After a time of ease, opportunity—even play—it’s time to come down to earth and work toward your goals, Aries. As Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus shift signs, you will notice a comparable shift in emphasis into areas of your chart that bring out the deeper sides of your nature. Now that you’ve had your fun, you’re probably aching for some new initiatives—new projects to stimulate your entrepreneurial spirit.

Jupiter has been in the Aries-friendly sign of Leo since the last year. This has added spark to your naturally fun-loving approach to life. You may be particularly satisfied with the higher level of creativity that fills your work and play. You may also have had the best-ever romance or vacation—something to remember fondly for years to come.

In August, Jupiter’s move into Virgo signals a time to get more serious and think about the accomplishments you want to create in the future. This is also a time to look at your lifestyle and health routines. A past lack of discipline may suggest establishing some new patterns. An active response—a new exercise routine— rather than a completely new regimen is likely to fit Jupiter’s nature better and be easier to stick with. Allow the joys of the last year to fill you with enthusiasm for a new phase, not to engender resentment for the get back to work mood.

Saturn in Gemini has been relatively good for you. It has lent structure to your studies and steadiness to your serious activities.

It has led you to think about long-term goals, maybe even what you want to be when you grow up. More than anything, it has schooled your attitudes and allowed you to see how your thoughts, influence the outcomes you experience. Starting in June, Saturn in Cancer may lead you to think even more soberly about lite, especially your past. You may find that your home, or someone in the home, becomes a burden somehow, or you may begin to question the influences of your family in some way. This is a time of differentiating yourself from the world around you. You may discover ways to make your home more comfortable and want to embark on a home- improvement project. You may also uncover emotional sensitivities or just feel like spending more time in private.

Chiron in Capricorn for another year highlights the ways in which you can improve your character to make you more executive material.

You may also find yourself interested in bringing more care and healing into what you already do. Uranus’s move into Pisces in March signals a shift in focus from social to spiritual change in your life. In your solar Twelfth House there are hidden, unconscious factors which will come to the surface over the next seven years.

Although unexpected and sometimes challenging, this is good, because it helps to identify stumbling blocks you’ve always had to deal with but now can eradicate.

Neptune is still lending a spiritual cast to your circle of acquaintances and influencing the way others see your influence on groups. This can suggest popularity among the masses, but it is more likely to involve you in groups that share an interest in spiritual, religious, or artistic activities, goals, and ideals. Pluto has been transforming your goals with a mostly subtle hand. You may be dreaming of a personal power that you would not have thought yourself capable of in years past.

Take care to find the larger service you wish to fulfill and measure out two doses of compassion for each dose of power, and you will have the recipe for success.

The eclipses since the last year have made you aware of some practical limitations that you must resolve before you can fulfill your dreams. The eclipses this year will make it possible—even necessary—for you to enact those changes. They will come in the form of financially motivated adjustments so that you have more strength in your resources for future endeavors.

2017 Wellness Horoscope

Aries 2017 Wellness Horoscope
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