Gemini 2017 Wellness Horoscope

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This is a year of transition for you, Gemini. Jupiter and Uranus will bring changes to your career and home environments as you strive to break free from the confines of old structures.

With Jupiter in Leo and your solar Third House since the last year, you have undoubtedly been busier than ants at a picnic. It may seem as if every opportunity of your life has come all at once, and now you’re trying to cover all the bases. Although you thrive on activity, there is a limit; over the next few months you’ll gain greater benefit if you can be more selective in which enterprises you support. When Jupiter enters Virgo in August the emphasis will shift. You’ll be able to spend more than fifteen minutes in your home at one time, and you might even consider entertaining once in a while again. It can also be a time for home improvement or expansion. There could even be a reunion or a substantial growth in the family over the coming year.

Saturn in Gemini has required you to work double-duty—unless you’ve figured out how to delegate or use the word no.

It has been unrelenting in its demands, but if you’ve played your cards right you’ve gained a substantial reward (possible promotion, etc.) during this time.

It may also have been a time of endings and beginnings in your relationships. You know now that it’s really about setting boundaries, both professionally and personally. Saturn enters Cancer in June, putting the emphasis on managing your resources. This suggests more discipline in your financial affairs and possibly a re- evaluation of what you value and what you’re willing to spend time and money on.

Whether it’s paying off consumer credit debt or saving for your future, you are likely to benefit greatly from looking ahead and matching your financial goals with your inner ideals. Chiron in Capricorn and your solar Eighth House reiterates the focus on finances. You may find that your income is not what you would like it to be, and you want to change that somehow. You may also have discovered occult or metaphysical studies, especially those relating to inner dimensions of reality.

Uranus’s move into Pisces in March ends seven years of relatively graceful change. Now get ready for the big stuff. Uranus is about to

revolutionize your whole outlook on life: your career, social standing, view of God(dess) and the cosmos, and way of life. This will take place over the next seven years, and it is meant to be a “cosmic direction finder,” ensuring that we fulfill the purpose we are meant to fulfill. Over the coming years you will give a great deal of thought to your purpose and the meaning life has for you. You will want to deepen your experience and do what feels right—not just what pays the bills. Neptune continues to give you visions of what the future can be. However, it’s not going to do this forever—so it’s important to put some of those dreams into action if you haven’t already begun. You may think that they’re foolish and unattainable, but how do you know until you try? Pluto has presented the greatest challenges you’ve faced in the past ten years. It has dug up every possible power issue in every relationship you have (or have had). It has brought some tragic endings and some promising new beginnings. You will continue to notice that others see themselves in you more than they see you for who you really are. This is possibly because you are more inclined to own your power than you were before this transit began eight years ago.

In looking back, the lessons have been tough but indispensable to the happiness you now enjoy. If you can see these experiences as triumphs of the human spirit and defeats of the ego rather than wounds of the personality, you will have gained the highest reward of your journey through Hades. Keep your head up; just because you can see your flaws doesn’t mean you have more of them than others. In fact, you probably have fewer because you’ve been able to work on them.

The eclipses of late last year signaled a decreased intensity after a year of heightened emotion and activity that brought many of the inner changes of the last eight years into manifestation in your external affairs. 2017’s eclipses will be a time to stabilize, to find the inner value of the external experiences. It can also be a time to attend to health matters.

2017 Wellness Horoscope

Gemini 2017 Wellness Horoscope
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