Leo 2017 Wellness Horoscope

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What a year you have in store, Leo! New opportunities are arriving, and some of the pressure comes off your relationships. You may find joy in unexpected places, but don’t bet the farm on a long shot.

Jupiter starts off the year in your sign. Since last August you’ve had the Midas touch more than usual. You still have time to look through the window on your future that Jupiter opens and set some plans in motion, but chances are you’re already doing that. Don’t worry about which opportunities to energize—go with the flow. You’ll have time after Jupiter changes signs in late August to begin to sort all that out. When Jupiter makes that move into Virgo it’s time to look at which of the projects excites you the most. It’s not what’s easiest or what might make the most money, but what fills your heart enough to engage you for the next twelve years in some fashion. That’s the right path.

Saturn in Gemini has forced you to accept some discipline and discernment in choosing your social milieu. Some people can just get you into trouble, and it’s better to choose the right people than to have to resist their negative influences. By now you should be settling into a new social environment that is more supportive of you. Great timing, because Saturn is about to enter your closet when it goes into Cancer in April. It will route out all those unconscious issues that keep you stuck, rattle a few skeletons, and, best of all, declare open season on self-deception. This is perhaps your greatest pitfall, Leo.

It is good to imagine the world the way we want it to be, but we still need to stay in touch with the way it really is. Since two years ago Chiron has been pointing out to you the ways in which your lifestyle may not support your health. You may find yourself more sensitive, and your number of visits to the chiropractor may have doubled. Healing is good; over the next two years, you’ll have the chance to get to the bottom of your bad habits and uproot them. Maybe you’ll even feel good enough to help others.

Uranus has been in Aquarius and your solar Seventh House since eight years ago, bringing excitement—perhaps chaos—into your relationships. Changes in your partnerships, changes in what you want in a partnership, have all been part of the tableau for seven years. Now, with Uranus’s move into Pisces in March, the landscape will shift to finance and other things beyond your direct control. From windfall profits to winning contests to losing your shirt, all are possible. The message is to rely on your inner self to guide you. You may also find that things occult and spiritual are suddenly relevant in your life. Whether because of a psychic experience or a normal event which takes on deeper meaning, the unknown and unseen may fascinate you now. Neptune in Aquarius is still adding the mystical and mysterious to your close bonds. From business and personal partnerships to more adversarial interactions, you may find yourself mystified by the responses you get from others. Don’t let it shatter your usual self-confidence, Leo. Learn from it and move on. With Pluto in your solar Fifth House your frivolous and fun activities have taken on a more serious tone in recent years. You’ve found power in your creativity, whether released through a meaningful hobby or a more serious pastime. You may find these pursuits increasingly fulfilling, and even though you do them because they make your heart sing, you may find that others respond to them, too. You could make money just by doing what you love.

The eclipses this year are leading you to think about your life path more seriously. Are you headed in the right direction? Are your fulfilling your purpose in life? Are you happy with your chosen career path? Is parenthood in the picture? You may also be discontented with where you are living or want to take on that dream remodeling project. Look deep inside to make your decisions rather than worrying about what others will think.

2017 Wellness Horoscope

Leo 2017 Wellness Horoscope
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