Pisces 2017 Wellness Horoscope

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We’re all starting a new adventure this year, and you’re in the forefront, Pisces! Uranus is entering your sign, and this means that it’s time to walk through the door of that brave, new world and get to where you’re meant to be.

In August, Jupiter moves into Virgo and your solar Seventh House. Until then Jupiter will inhabit your Sixth House and Leo, putting more emphasis than you like on lifestyle. You may feel like you’re becoming a Virgo, what with all the new standards of discipline you’ve been setting for yourself in diet, exercise, and daily living. You’re probably working hard, too, and for less reward than even your self-sacrificing soul is comfortable with. Once Jupiter enters Virgo the focus will shift: You’ll be getting more rewards, your health will stabilize, and you’ll be used to the new routines. This is your opportunity to delegate, to bring other people to you, and to enjoy the love of those around you. You’ll probably find that you are suddenly gaining more natural respect from others, as if some dues-pay- ing hurdle has been leaped. If you can accept it gracefully, you’ll be laying the foundation for greater success in three years.

Saturn in Gemini may have made you feel as if you had lead in your boots. Getting started in the morning, feeling enthusiastic and energetic, takes more effort than in the past. You’ve also had to learn to be more effective, and serious, about what you do. More than at any other time in your life, you’ve probably been thinking about wasted time and energy. Even if you have regrets about the past, gazing backward is only going to make the present part of problem.

It’s best to move on and make a study of those around you who are good at manifesting their dreams. Saturn’s move into Cancer and your solar Fifth House in June will bring welcome relief as it inhabits a more harmonious area for you over the next three years.

Of course, Saturn isn’t always unbridled joy, and in the Fifth House it can make you very serious and distinctly unplayful, but you’ll feel like you have flubber in your shoes compared to the weight of the last three years. Ultimately, you will use this energy best if you focus on bringing your creative ideas into form, or nurturing those creative ideas into which you have already breathed life. Chiron in Capricorn and your solar Eleventh House may draw you into groups with a healing theme.

You may also want to support those who have a wound or disability.

If you like fresh air and new challenges, Uranus’s move into Pisces in March is just what you’re looking for. This is nothing to fear if you live an authentic life, because that’s what Uranus creates for us. If there is anything artificial or unhealthy for you, you can look forward to having it startled out of your life. This doesn’t always mean that something unpleasant is going to happen— Uranus is the planet of miracles as well as accidents—and ultimately you will grow from whatever you experience.

Neptune is still bringing its blessings from the spirit world. There may even be a feeling of karma to some of your experiences. Things work best with Neptune when you surrender to the influences around you and wait for clarity before you act. While Pluto has been challenging you since eight years ago, it has brought about a necessary strengthening process. Now you really know when it’s worthwhile to complain and when what happened is just a blip on the screen of reality. It’s not over yet, but you’ve got the right idea, and your intuition will see you through.

Starting in the middle of the last year, the eclipses brought survival issues into your life.

You may have been thinking about moving, or changing jobs or even careers. The eclipses this year will be more harmonious, taking you to a more intellectual focus. You may find yourself wanting to gain more education so that you can make the changes you have envisioned.

2017 Wellness Horoscope

Pisces 2017 Wellness Horoscope
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