Sagittarius 2017 Wellness Horoscope

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This year brings lots of growth and progress for you, Sagittarius! As three of the major planets change signs, you will find yourself in those new surroundings you so relish, with new realities to discover and explore.

In August, Jupiter moves into Virgo and your Tenth House. Until then its placement in Leo carries forth the harmonious period you entered last summer.

You will be especially inclined to engage in your favorite activities with little hindrance: travel, study, or exploring the realms of your latest interest in your own way. By now you’ve established your goals for the cycle, and if you execute your plans wisely (or change course if necessary), you will be adding knowledge in order to build the future of your dreams. Once Jupiter enters Virgo the dynamic energy around you will build, and others will begin to recognize you and your abilities in substantial ways. From August of this year to August of the next year you’ll be in the spotlight, so do what you’re so good at: Spread the word!

Saturn in Gemini has been especially challenging for your relationships, and humbling as you have realized your own role in creating them as they exist now. You may have learned about your own potential for callousness (which is really you avoiding conflict out of fear of confrontation), or what it means to avoid commitment (sometimes, being alone). If you’ve used this energy positively, you’ve focused on your relationships and gained deep insights into yourself as well. You’ve had the chance to revisit experiences from the past seven years, put them in perspective, and get a little more healing. Starting in June, Saturn goes into Cancer and your solar Eighth House. While this relieves the pressure, it doesn’t leave you with a clear mandate for change and a strong sense of direction like you had before. It can leave you feeling in-between. Saturn in Cancer brings our focus to our feelings, perhaps showing us where we’re not managing them very well. You may find that this new directive leads you to untraveled territory in your psyche—or at least unexplored since 1976. However, renewed focus on emotional discipline and responsibility will benefit us all—even you, my wandering friend. Chiron’s position in your solar Second House may bring out your feelings of inadequacy about yourself and your skills. You may question what you have to offer.

You may also feel the pinch of past overspending and really have to do something about it now.

Uranus’s move into Pisces in March will bring it into your solar Fourth House, emphasizing emotional growth in another way. This could have an unsettling influence on you, but one which may be more satisfying and allow more latitude for personal choice than the Pluto transit you’ve been experiencing since eight years ago. The key to using Uranus’s energy well is to be as closely aligned to your deep inner sense of purpose as possible. Likely you will find yourself wanting to make fundamental changes in your private life over the next seven years, but there’s no need to rush into things until you’re clear on what will work best for you. Neptune is still fogging your mental windshield, dulling your usual rapier wit and keen memory. You’re not losing your memory, you’re just learning to access it in a different way, and with it will come a greater ability to detect the real truth in a situation. Pluto’s absolute hand has been felt across your cheek for so long now, you’ve developed a callus. Without realizing it, you’ve grown in strength and learned to value yourself more in spite of the ravages of external opinion. Only years from now will you fully realize what you’ve gained from your impossible experiences.

For years you’ve been thinking about making changes without the wherewithal to do so. From the the last year, suddenly, the circumstances have presented themselves for action. The ones this year will find you under less pressure to act, so you can let the dust settle and see where you stand before undertaking the next big initiative.

2017 Wellness Horoscope

Sagittarius 2017 Wellness Horoscope
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