Scorpio 2017 Wellness Horoscope

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You’ve labored long under planetary patterns that have been rather inhospitable for seven years, and the past three years have been especially challenging. Well, your time to glow and go is coming in 2017, Scorpio! Saturn in Cancer and Uranus in Pisces in the latter half of the year will create a grand trine with your Sun, launching a new, more supportive time for you. The other planets will prove to be helpmates as well, making this year a real turning point.

You’re always relished being able to stretch your abilities, and Jupiter in Leo, your solar Tenth House, has afforded you the opportunity. Since last July, Jupiter has brought challenge into your life as you have striven to gain long-desired goals. You’ve found yourself in unfamiliar territory, possibly socially and at work. As you’ve traveled this new territory, you have created a list of Things You Never Knew Before.

If you have been open to accepting these new ideas, you will find yourself experiencing the joys of accomplishment in the coming eighteen months. In August, Jupiter moves into Virgo and your Eleventh House. This will continue the period of recognition begun three years ago, but without so much hard work. It is also a good time to extend your social network, since the people around us are our greatest strength. Although this may be contrary to what you’re comfortable with, if you look at it as a career move you’ll find it easier to overcome your natural reticence.

Saturn in Gemini has brought certain financial constraints into your world. Perhaps the caprices of the stock market over the past few years have required budgetary cutbacks.

You may have found yourself in too much debt. If nothing else, Saturn is good for course adjustments, perhaps forcing you to take austerity measures that by now are having a positive effect. If you have responded responsibly to Saturn’s energies, you will emerge this year with a stronger, healthier financial portfolio. Starting in June, Saturn enters Cancer—a more harmonious placement for you. You may find the way suddenly clear, and be able to move more freely toward your goals. As the way opens, you may be asking yourself, What can I do to enhance my coming success? Perhaps you’ll decide to get some additional training, or even higher education. You could take on a training position or internship—something which allows you to earn while you learn. You’ve got about three years to pad your foundation for success, so don’t be afraid to take on a big goal if that’s what you have in mind. Chiron in your solar Third House could bring to your awareness all the bitterness and cynicism that has been holding you back. If you want to free yourself to be happier and more successful, start by healing these old mental wounds.

Uranus’s move into Pisces in March will create unprecedented opportunity for y6u. You will have to be ready for change and willing to step into the breach when new ideas and energies are required. Your ever-ready, survival-wise approach to life will predispose you to making the right decisions. This is what you’ve trained for. Give it time to develop if your instincts tell you to; you’ve got seven years for the pattern to play out. Neptune is still making your home life a drain on your energies and resources. Have patience: Time will heal this wound, too. You can diffuse some of the undermining influences by engaging in spiritual activities in your home—meditation, hosting classes, or reading a good metaphysical book. Pluto continues to transform your capabilities and sense of self. It has been remodeling your resources, everything from your toolbox of skills and talents to your money to your feelings about what you have to offer the world.

Since the last year, the eclipses have been partially in your sign. The eclipses this year move wholly into Taurus-Scorpio, ensuring that the changes you seek will be possible. The eclipses will create a break in the energy pattern of the past, which will bring relief from old situations and enable you to build better ones.

2017 Wellness Horoscope

Scorpio 2017 Wellness Horoscope
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