Taurus 2017 Wellness Horoscope

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The planets move into more harmonious zones in 2017 after being in awkward or strident places for many years. After all that has gone before, you may be somewhat gun-shy about what the cosmos will dream up for you next, but there is good news! The new planetary scene will combine to allow you to flow into your changes much more gracefully, often without inconvenience or difficulty.

If you’ve been much less a homebody than usual in recent months—or you’ve been remodeling and showcasing your home— there’s a reason. Jupiter has been in Leo and your solar Fourth House. Near summer’s end it moves into Virgo, when you’ll be free to let the good times roll! We all need the time to replenish our battery stores by engaging in spontaneous activity. Although spontaneity is not normally your strong suit, you may feel driven to cut the rug with some fancy dance steps once Jupiter moves you. This fountain of energy may attract romance into your life as well.

Saturn in Gemini required you to tighten the belt a little in order to pay off some debts, accomplish some larger goals, or make some big expenditures. If you have made the right choices, the wisdom of your persistence and faith in the future will become evident as the products of your efforts endure the test of time. These measures have not been for the fainthearted, so you’ll be happy to know that the pressure will shift starting in June, when Saturn moves into Cancer. This is both more harmonious for you and gives you relief from a challenging three years. For the next three years you may find it desirable to give up some of your cherished notions; this usually means admitting we’ve been wrong about something or learning something new. Chiron in your solar Ninth House may have you wondering about the subtle forces of the universe. You know you could see them if you could understand them. You’ve already been feeling them; perhaps a little study in healing and metaphysics will fill in the gaps.

Uranus has been a thorn in your side for nearly seven years, bringing the most surprising outcomes in your efforts to improve your life circumstances.

You are probably nowhere near where you thought you’d be seven years ago. When it moves into Pisces in March, the surprises will take a much quieter tone. You may find yourself drawn to unique people and groups as a source of human sustenance. You may want to drink from a more spiritual well. There is a rhyme and reason to this which may be obscured now, but trust your instincts. Neptune remains in your solar Tenth House, continuing your direct contact with higher energies (which some call God). As a new vision of life imbues you with inspiration, rely on those you trust to advise you on how to bring it down to earth. Pluto has probably both wreaked havoc on your finances and empowered you to bring more money in. If not, this is part of the plan. Transitions are not easy, especially when there’s so much to move (symbolically or otherwise). They are made easier if you can bring yourself to let go. Diversification and flexibility are the key elements to rising from the ashes stronger than before.

Since the middle of last year you’ve seen of a shift in the energies, making your actions count for more, especially in relationships. The good news is that the need to make distasteful financial decisions is behind you. Now you can focus on bringing the loved ones you cherish closer to you—or on the obstacles to creating that fulfillment in your life. It could be a matter of trust.

2017 Wellness Horoscope

Taurus 2017 Wellness Horoscope
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