Virgo 2017 Wellness Horoscope

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This is a year of endings and beginnings for you, Virgo. While we’re all experiencing many new feelings and ideas, yours will be a wonderful new adventure. While the first half of the year will find you finalizing the efforts of the past eleven years, you’ll discover that you have the Midas touch by summer’s end. All this newness may test your delicate nerves, but this year will give you the keys to open doorways to fulfillment if you can stay on the path.

Jupiter will move on August 27 from Leo into your own sign. Until then you will experience the sweet swan song of an ending cycle, tying up the loose ends of the past eleven years. During this completion and integration time you may enjoy being alone so you can more deeply understand the past and dream the future. Your spirituality will assume a greater significance for you, and you will rededicate yourself to the inner purpose you feel even as you refine your perspective on it. A new, exciting area of study may consume you, and you may spend long hours poring over your latest library find.

Most important, you will get in touch with your secret self, which you may find is happiest when you dare to express the true you. Once Jupiter enters Virgo (and the Mars retrograde damper goes away in late September), your life will light up like Times Square on New Year’s Eve! People will notice you, see your potential. You’re likely to have more opportunities than you can handle. Remembering that not every opportunity is right for you, with time you’ll find that, like cream, the best new endeavors will rise to the top.

Saturn in Gemini over the past two-and-a-half years has led you to focus on your goals and has required hard work. It has brought its share of rewards, but it was a volatile place for you, so you’ve had your share of ups and downs. As it moves into Cancer in June, Saturn is more harmonious, and you will have access to the people you need to succeed. You’ll finally be recognized for your diligence and quiet competency; you may be called upon to fulfill a more public function or given the opportunity to shine by popular demand. Chiron in your solar Fifth House suggests healing benefits can come from creative pursuits. It’s okay to make mistakes—that’s the source of some of the world’s greatest creative works and inventions.

Uranus brings new excitement this year when it moves into Pisces on March 10. This will spice up your relationships and challenge you to find ways to kindle the flame with your partner to keep your connectedness evolving. Neptune is still creating physical sensitivity for you; take advantage of this by learning to read the signals your body is sending. If you can see this as the doorway to your spiritual side that it is, you’ll gain the most profound treasures from the experience. By now you’re used to Pluto’s power plays—the ways that you seem to find yourself dealing with the most difficult aspects of the people closest to you. You’re even learning to accept it with grace and wisdom when you end up on the hot spot.

Even though you anticipated the need for change, you are learning the most unexpected things—for instance, that you know what you’re talking about and that it’s not necessary to back down at the first sign of resistance from others.

The eclipses of 2017 will be a mixed bag for you. The ones in the last year brought up survival issues that you’ve not yet fully recovered from and capitalized on. The good news is that you have this entire year to work things out, and there are some stabilizing influences on the horizon.

2017 Wellness Horoscope

Virgo 2017 Wellness Horoscope
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