Weekly Health Horoscope

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The focus on your sector of creativity and self-expression continues this week with the addition of chatty Mercury. You may be very curious to explore interests or hobbies that channel the passionate and competitive side of your nature.

Plus, with a delightful sun-Venus connection on Tuesday, this is a perfect chance to break the ice and ask that special person on a date. It could be a heartwarming experience. In general, this is not the time to hide away but to get out and enjoy the experience of living and loving.

Friday may need a little bit of care as an impulsive Mercury-Uranus tie could see you purchasing something on the spur of the moment. Later, though, you could regret it and feel you’ve wasted your money. A pause for thought would be helpful.

On Saturday, feisty Mars moves into Virgo and your sector of lifestyle and wellness, inspiring you to get organized and jettison activities that you’ve lost interest in.

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