Aries Weekly Health Horoscope

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April 19-25: Listen to the signals of the body, the health horoscope for the third week of April advises to refrain from alcohol. Excessive passion for alcoholic beverages can affect the functioning of the liver. Herbal teas and medicinal preparations will help reduce adrenaline levels and relieve stress. At the beginning of the week, Aries should take good care of their ears. The Moon in the sign of Leo is favorable for the prevention and correction of hearing impairment. Avoid noisy places: Loud sounds destroy the cells in the inner ear. Limit the amount of time you use your headphones if you don’t want to go deaf prematurely.

In the middle of the week, your voice may become nasal. With the Sun in the sign of Taurus, the throat and vocal cords should be protected. The weekly health horoscope for Aries recommends drinking more fluids to moisturize the lining of the larynx. Oak bark, sage and thyme work well with inflammation. On the weekend, Aries should trust their intuition. The waxing gibbous Moon phase is a time of hopes, vitality is gradually approaching its peak. To know which way to go, try to decipher your dreams. Night visions of this period are filled with a special meaning, they anticipate the future.

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