Leo Weekly Health Horoscope

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January 18-24: Compliance with the daily routine is a guarantee of excellent well-being, the health horoscope for the third week of January warns against overwork. Do not overload the body, begin to smoothly enter the working mode to avoid a breakdown. Stay physically active, eat right, and get enough sleep. At the beginning of the week, Leo will not have to complain of apathy and melancholy if he gives himself the right attitude. With the Moon in Aries, the best aroma is a mixture of various citrus fruits. Add a few drops of tangerine, orange or lemon oil to the diffuser and immediately feel the vitality filling you.

An acupressure massage will help you cope with a headache in the middle of the week. With the Sun in the sign of Aquarius, dizziness often occurs. The weekly health horoscope for Leo believes that the effect on certain points has a calming effect: the pain will surely recede. Those thinking about the continuation of the Leos race at the end of the week will receive an impulse for action. During the waxing gibbous Moon phase, the body continues to be filled with energy, all processes are activated. A child conceived during this period will have a strong spiritual bond with his parents. An interesting, eventful life awaits him.

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