Pisces Weekly Health Horoscope

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April 12-18: Outdoor recreation is especially useful; in the second week of April, the health horoscope advises spending as much time as possible outdoors. Your energy potential is high enough to take long walks. Such outings will be a source of strength and inspiration for you. Pisces may experience a sore throat at the beginning of the week. The Moon in the sign of Taurus governs the larynx and vocal cords. Do not try to shout down everyone around you, it is better to take a break for reflection. To moisturize the throat, rinse it with sage tea or olive oil.

Hearing loss in the middle of the week can be caused by water getting in while swimming. With the Sun in Aries, the immune system is weakened. In order not to provoke the development of infection, the weekly health horoscope for Pisces advises to rinse the ears with hydrogen peroxide. For the best effect, make an alcohol compress. At the end of the week, Pisces will finally find time to groom themselves. During the waxing crescent Moon phase, the body is tuned in to absorb the substances entering it. Especially effective will be procedures that improve skin tone and nourish it with moisture. You can use peach oil instead of a cosmetic cream.

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