Sagittarius Weekly Health Horoscope

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April 12-18: Outdoor recreation is especially useful; in the second week of April, the health horoscope advises spending as much time as possible outdoors. Your energy potential is high enough to take long walks. Such outings will be a source of strength and inspiration for you. Having eaten ice cream at the beginning of the week, Sagittarius can get sore throat. With the Moon in Taurus, the mucous membranes of the throat and nasopharynx are especially vulnerable. To avoid unpleasant consequences, start treatment when the first symptoms appear: fever, weakness, aches.

If you feel a little unwell in the middle of the week, do not rush to diagnose yourself. The Sun in Aries can weaken your energy. To reduce the body’s response to adverse conditions, the weekly health horoscope for Sagittarius recommends tinctures of Eleutherococcus and Schisandra. On weekends, Sagittarius may have difficulty falling asleep. The period of the waxing crescent Moon carries with it tremendous energy, it is difficult to maintain inner peace. Try to relax before bed, light an aroma lamp with oregano oil, which is especially important — do not dwell on nightmares, they will not come true.

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