Scorpio Weekly Health Horoscope

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January 18-24: Compliance with the daily routine is a guarantee of excellent well-being, the health horoscope for the third week of January warns against overwork. Do not overload the body, begin to smoothly enter the working mode to avoid a breakdown. Stay physically active, eat right, and get enough sleep. At the beginning of the week, Scorpio will surprise others with a bright appearance. The Moon in Aries makes it possible to maximize your merits. Go to the hairdresser, ask the master to come up with something special: a creative hairstyle, contrast coloring. Anything but a haircut.

In the middle of the week, a headache will take you by surprise. With the Sun in Aquarius, dizziness may occur. To relieve a beginning attack, the weekly health horoscope for Scorpio advises to do a head massage. As a preventive measure, take a course of acupuncture. At the end of the week, Scorpios will find themselves in the grip of foreboding. During the waxing gibbous Moon phase, the energy flow is so great that it can negatively affect health. If you have a nightmare, ignore it. The subconscious mind signals possible problems, and the rest is in your hands.

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