Taurus Weekly Health Horoscope

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January 11-17: Beware of drafts and hypothermia, the health horoscope for the second week of January warns: the likelihood of getting sick is extremely high. Take care of preventive measures in advance, drink a course of vitamins to increase immunity. Try to rest more and see the positive in everything. At the beginning of the week, Taurus will have a reason to go to the hairdresser: a new hairstyle is the best cure for the blues. The Moon in Capricorn brings a feeling of fatigue and despair. To preserve your strength and get rid of negativity, cut your hair: your hair will grow faster and stop being split.

In the middle of the week, do everything to say goodbye to bad habits. The Sun in the sign of Capricorn gives perseverance and willpower. To prevent tooth decay, the weekly health horoscope for Taurus advises to quit smoking. Instead of cigarettes, buy lollipops to strengthen the enamel. Taurus at the end of the week can easily transfer a long trip if they want to get fresh impressions. The waxing crescent Moon phase is suitable for all types of travel. Do not miss this opportunity to visit relatives and friends, feel free to get behind the wheel. Although it is possible that they themselves will come to you.

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