Virgo Weekly Health Horoscope

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January 11-17: Beware of drafts and hypothermia, the health horoscope for the second week of January warns: the likelihood of getting sick is extremely high. Take care of preventive measures in advance, drink a course of vitamins to increase immunity. Try to rest more and see the positive in everything. At the beginning of the week, Virgo should not be too zealous to get to work. With the Moon in Capricorn, enhanced visual loads are contraindicated. To avoid the development of myopia, alternate between work at the computer and rest. Exercise during the day to relieve muscle spasms.

Treat yourself to a nice little thing in the middle of the week. The Sun in the sign of Capricorn is characterized by such qualities as stubbornness, pessimism. To harmonize the energy, the weekly health horoscope for Virgo advises applying a couple of drops of rosemary or patchouli oil to the temples and wrists. Perhaps Virgos should not cut their hair at the end of the week. During the period of the waxing crescent Moon, the body is on the decline of its vital activity. It is believed that a haircut can shorten your life, so it is better to take care of your hair. This is an opportune time for nourishing, moisturizing and healing masks.

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