Aquarius 2017 Wellness Horoscope

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Health looks very good this year. Most of the long-term planets are kind to you now. Air, as mentioned, will be the strongest element in the coming year and this is a wonderful health indicator. You are in harmony with the times. Your strengths and virtues are the ones that people look up to and accept. Self-esteem and self-confidence are good. Further, power in your 6th House is indicating that you are ‘on the case’ in health matters.

You take care of problems when they occur. You work on preventative measures, too. Neptune in your own Sign suggests that the feet need to be taken care of. Foot reflexology and general foot massage is a healthy practice. Uranus in your own Sign reinforces the importance of the ankles – which you always need to take care of. Make doubly sure that they are well supported when indulging in strenuous exercise. Neptune in your own Sign suggests a need for purity in your diet. Avoid alcohol and drugs. Uranus in your own Sign suggests experimentation with the body – with diet, sport and exercise. Many of you are testing your physical limits and endurance these days. Positive experimentation is all to the good; it usually leads to new knowledge and new breakthroughs.

If it’s wild and unmeasured it can lead to mishaps. Experiment by all means, but be measured and rational about it. Benefic Jupiter will be in your House of Health until August 1st. Jupiter is basically well aspected (not perfectly aspected) and strongly positioned in his Sign of exaltation. Thus, if there have been health problems in the past there should be good news on this front. You are ‘lucky’ in health matters. Jupiter is the planet of religion, philosophy, metaphysics and higher education. He rules our ‘higher mind’ – the mind that can see beyond facts and appearances and can grasp First Principles. Thus many of you are expanding your understanding of health and disease on a deeper level. You are understanding its causes and its cures.

This is going to help your health, not only this year but for the rest of your life. Many of you will be taking organized, structured courses on health or even studying to be health professionals these days. Many of you might get jobs with a doctor, healer or health professional and pick up the knowledge that way. Jupiter reveals First Principles. He reveals not only the ‘principle’ of a thing, but also the ‘how to’, its application.

This bodes well for both your personal health and for those of you involved in healing others. Jupiter is the Lord of your Solar 11th House of Friends. It reinforces the experimentation and innovation seen in health and the body. But it also shows that social issues – friendships – when they go wrong can negatively impact on your health. Clear up your social issues as best you can and chances are that any health problem you have will also clear up. Jupiter in your House of Health indicates that your concept of health is expanding. For most people, health just means physical health – the absence of disease or the absence of symptoms. But for you good health means a healthy social life – healthy friendships as well. Jupiter is in the Sign of Cancer – the Sign of moods, emotions and family relationships.

Thus, good health also means a healthy emotional life and healthy, functional family relationships. The importance of mood and right feeling in health is much magnified these days. You will see the power of emotional states on your health – for good or ill. Once you see this you will start to cultivate positive states of mind. Once Jupiter has educated you on health matters (he is called ‘the Guru’ in the East), you will be ready for an education on love and romance in August. One more health warning: The power in Air this year will stimulate your already powerful (and usually overactive) mind. When these Grand Trines hit, the mind will tend to race – get overstimulated with new and creative ideas. Try to put the brakes on this a bit. Too much thinking and talking (no matter how stimulating) can be like too much of the ‘good life’ – there’s a price to pay later on. Use your mind and speech constructively – to get you towards your goals and to bring you happiness – but don’t overdo it. Learn to relax it and turn off. (Meditation is a big help here.)

2017 Wellness Horoscope


Aquarius 2017 Wellness Horoscope
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