Cancer 2017 Wellness Horoscope

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With all the long-term planets in benign or neutral aspect to you, health and vitality should be good in the coming year. And yet I see health as an important issue to you now. Your 6th House of Health is a House of Power, and the Lord of your 6th House (your Health Planet) is right on your Solar Ascendant – occupying one of the most powerful angles in your chart. In many cases this is showing an interest in health regimes and programmes. In other cases it indicates a taking of preventative steps. In still other cases it reveals an interest in family health – especially the health of children.

Jupiter in your 1st Solar House and in your own Sign shows that good health to you means more than just physical wellness – it means looking good, being physically and athletically fit. (The Lord of the 5th House of Sport in your House of Health reinforces this.)

This explains all. You are not satisfied with merely good health. You want to look good and excel athletically – hence your preoccupation here. Pluto in the House of Health often indicates surgery. Since your health is good and there’s a focus on image, I presume this would be cosmetic surgery. Not all of you will have this, but many of you will be thinking about it, planning it, entertaining the idea. Pluto (the planet ruling elimination) in your House of Health shows that you benefit from regimes which eliminate toxins and effete materials from the body.

The way to enhance health now is not from adding things to the body, but from removing and eliminating that which shouldn’t be there. Colonics and herbal detox methods all seem good. This was so in past years, and will be so for some years in the future. Usually when Jupiter moves over someone’s Sun or Ascendant it shows the good life and the indulgence in sensual pleasure. Of itself this is a wonderful thing, but overindulgence could bring health problems. Enjoy but don’t overdo – there will be a price tag later on. Saturn moving into your Sign next year will insist on it – and at that time you may have to go to the other extreme of dieting and taking on a Spartan lifestyle.

Your Health Planet in the Sign of Cancer, which rules moods, emotions and feelings, shows that emotional health is just as important to you as physical health; that emotional states play an unusual role in your health. Positive states reflect in the body instantly, but so do negative ones. The impact of emotions on health is true for everyone to some degree, but for you it is most dramatic – especially until August 1st. Happily, Jupiter loves the Sign of Cancer (his place of exaltation) and emotional states will tend to be good. (The cultivation of emotional equilibrium won’t hurt, though.) On August 1st, your Health Planet moves into Leo, your 2nd Solar House.

This shows a link between finance and health. In many cases it indicates that you will spend more on health products and gadgets. In other cases, the field of health will be a source of profit – e.g. health professionals earn more money, others might get a job at a doctor’s surgery or hospital, others might profit from investments in the health field. In many cases financial attachment or concerns directly impact on health. When finances are good, health is good; when finances suffer – even the normal fluctuations of the financial life – health could suffer.

There is a tendency to be as much concerned with financial health as with physical health. Though this direct link between health and finances is an error (these are two separate issues and one shouldn’t affect the other), the good news is that finances will tend to be good – thus the message for your health is a positive one. Until August 1st, pay extra attention to the stomach and breasts. (Correct diet is also a factor.) After August 1st, pay extra attention to the heart. This can be done through foot or hand reflexology, kinesiology, acupuncture or acupressure, massage or Reiki. There is nothing wrong with these organs, but making them stronger will be a health-enhancer.

2017 Wellness Horoscope


Cancer 2017 Wellness Horoscope
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