Cancer 2016 Wellness Horoscope

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Health Horoscope 2016: Ever since Uranus, the planet of radical change and thinking moved into your 9th house of spirituality in 2013, religion and philosophy have become major interests. In the year 2016 many of you will get into breaking with the religion of your parents and taking up with a different religious group – something you feel is more suitable for you.

Many of you will merely experiment and flit from one to the other, taking bits from each. Health wise, physically your health has improved dramatically since July 17, 2014, when Saturn left your sign. Overall your energy is much increased in 2016 and your 6th house of health and well being is strong – and will get even stronger after November 24. You will also learn the healing power of joy, fun and laughter in 2016. If you’re feeling slightly under the weather, goto a party, watch a comedy show, laugh yourself better!

2016 Wellness Horoscope

Cancer 2016 Wellness Horoscope
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