Capricorn 2017 Wellness Horoscope

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Though health is basically good and most of the long-term planets are not stressing you, there is a strong interest in health matters in 2017. This was also the case last year. Saturn, the Lord of your chart, will be in your House of Health all year. I read this as a vanity or preventative thing. Many of you are working out, dieting, taking on health regimes to improve your personal appearance and not because of a health problem. Others are seeking to prevent health problems in the future. All these activities look good and successful.

Saturn in the airy Sign of Gemini shows that good health for you also means good mental health. You want to develop keen mental functioning as well as good physical functioning. The role of the mind in health – positive thinking, positive imagery, positive speech – is being explored, and rightly so. The Sign of Gemini rules the nervous system, brain, arms and shoulders. So these body parts need special attention. Nothing wrong with them per se, but strengthening them enhances your overall health. Saturn in the 6th suggests that keeping the spine, knees, teeth and skeleton in the correct alignment and order is a major health preventative.

Health problems (should they occur) are likely to begin in one of these places. Saturn’s opposition to Pluto (the Lord of Friends) all year shows that disharmony with friends – social disharmony – can have an undue impact on your health. If a health problem occurs, chances are that this is causing it. Work to clear your social disharmony and chances are that the health problem will dissolve on its own. High-tech health regimes, new, ‘faddy’ type miracle diets, don’t have the effect you think. Stick to the tried and true, the therapies that have been proven and tested. Experimentation helps you in finances, but not so much in health.

Saturn’s opposition to Pluto all year also shows that surgery should not be rushed into. If suggested, it requires much research, study and different opinions. The health of parents or parental figures and children maintain the status quo. The health of grandchildren can be enhanced through the use of new and experimental techniques. The health of siblings improves after August 1st 2017.

2017 Wellness Horoscope


Capricorn 2017 Wellness Horoscope
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