Capricorn 2016 Wellness Horoscope

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Health Horoscope 2016: Your chart shows 2016 as being a good one health wise – just make sure you take care of your knees, ankles and feet – all parts of the body that tend to give you trouble. And as I have said before in your 2016 summary, this is going to be a very spiritual year for you – probably the most spiritual one of your life and a real turning point for those of you stuck in a rut or unhappy – even though you basically have everything money can buy and more.

You will really understand the meaning behind the saying “money doesn’t buy you happiness’ this year. You will also have a very active dream life in 2016. Dreams will be both revelatory (giving you special messages and insights) and prophetic (advising you of things to come). You will have spiritual experiences and your ESP will be sharper and more intense than ever.

2016 Wellness Horoscope

Capricorn 2016 Wellness Horoscope
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