Gemini 2017 Wellness Horoscope

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Two long-term planets are stressing you out, and two longterm planets are helping you. The energies will tend to cancel each other out. If health has been good, this tendency should continue. If you have been experiencing health problems, you are not out of the woods yet. Good health is something you will need to work on this year – in a daily and disciplined way.

The problem is that your 6th House of Health is empty and the tendency is to ignore it – or not give it the attention it needs. Both Pluto and Saturn deal with transformation, rebirth and elimination. Pluto is the generic ruler of these things and Saturn is the actual ruler in your Solar Chart (he rules your 8th House). So you are giving birth to the person you want to be. Like last year this is a year for eliminating effete materials from the body – detox regimes are called for and go well.Many of you will be having surgery this year, as both these planets are involved with this.

Most of you already realize that this is a serious step and should only be taken as a last resort. Many of you will be having cosmetic surgery as the urge is to revamp and reinvent the image. Many of you will practise less invasive ways of changing your image – meditation, visualization, prayer and psychic cleansing techniques. Many of you will embark on the long – sometimes hard – road of breaking various types of addiction – to substances, negative emotional or mental habit patterns, character traits. This is a great year for these activities and success is likely.

All of this should improve your overall health in the long term. Saturn in your Sign will bring you to a more realistic assessment of yourself. You are neither a worm in the dust nor the emperor of the universe. Whether self-esteem was too high or too low, Saturn is going to adjust it. You will also become acutely aware of your physical limitations in terms of energy.

This is a good thing, for you won’t waste this most precious gift on idle or destructive things, but spend it wisely on things that will produce the most good for you. Saturn in your Sign is also good for setting up a daily and disciplined health and exercise regime. You have an urge for it. You are likely to follow through. People with weight problems – whether over- or underweight – will make good progress this year. Saturn is working to adjust everything to the correct proportion and balance. Many of you will feel your age this year. Even young people will feel a sense of age – they will think like older people or will think more about their old age and how they want to be then. A good year for retirement planning for Geminis of any age. The good thing about Saturn in your Sign is that you take a long-term view of health and your image. Quickie, faddy solutions won’t cut it for you. You want real and lasting results.

This desire will lead you into the ‘deep waters’ of health and healing. Pluto, your Health Planet, has been in the Sign of Sagittarius and your 7th House for some years now. The Health Planet in the religious and philosophical Sign of Sagittarius shows that there is a need for understanding the philosophical and metaphysical principles behind good health. These principles often contradict what is taught in ‘pop culture’. It shows that you would benefit – respond well – to metaphysical healing techniques such as prayer, meditation, positive affirmations and visualization.

Your Health Planet in your 7th House shows that good health to you also means a healthy social and romantic life; that you could be as much concerned with the health of your relationships as you are with your physical health; that health problems tend to have their origins in love or romantic issues and there is a need to clear these things up before true healing can take place.

2017 Wellness Horoscope


Gemini 2017 Wellness Horoscope
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