Pisces 2017 Wellness Horoscope

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Your health is better than early last year, but with Pluto and Saturn stressing you out you are not yet out of the woods. Vitality is not up to its usual standards and this is the danger. When energy gets low, your ability to fend off disease is impaired and you become vulnerable to all sorts of things. So, the first line of defence is building up your overall energy levels.

This is done by first becoming more ‘energy efficient’ and second by building up your vitality through drugless, natural means – reflexology, massage, learning the art of relaxation, acupressure and acupuncture, Reiki, etc. Any therapy (even one not listed here) that builds up overall vitality is good this year. Become more energy efficient by focusing on priorities and letting side-issues go, by planning your day and projects better – in ways where you can achieve more with less effort – by resting and relaxing more – learn how to do this most efficiently by working rhythmically and
alternating activities (this gives different brain centres time to recharge) – talking less and listening more, thinking less and becoming more aware, avoiding power struggles and minimizing them when they happen, avoiding useless arguments, observing but not judging or condemning, and avoiding people who drain you and zap your energy.

Think of your energy as money in the bank. You want to invest it in areas where the return will be good. The Sun as your Health Ruler shows that you can enhance health by focusing on your heart – giving it more attention and strengthening it whenever possible. The Sun also rules joy and creativity. Avoid depression like the plague. Learn that happiness is not limited by circumstances – it is an inner state. Happiness is a choice you make. Make the choice to be happy – regardless of circumstances. Creative hobbies are excellent outlets for negative feelings and also bring in more joy. Creativity is one of the most important raptures of life.

The Sun will move through all the Signs and Houses of your chart in the year ahead. Thus health needs and health enhancements can change month to month. This will be dealt with in the month-by-month forecasts. Jupiter will energize your House of Health beginning August 1st.

This is a positive health signal as it indicates you pay more attention to health matters – health is high on the agenda (Jupiter is Lord of your 10th House). Jupiter in your House of Health brings good news about health problems – they are not as dire as you thought or they are cleared up. Jupiter in your House of Health shows that the thighs and liver should be given more attention. It indicates that a healthy career and lifework are as important as your physical health, that health and career are now linked in your mind and that career reversals or bumps on the road can unduly affect your health.

Good career news is like a health tonic. Bad news creates problems. Since career is good, I read this as a positive – but best to de-couple these issues in your mind. Whatever is happening careerwise, you choose to be healthy and happy. The way you pursue career goals – whether you get into a mania about it or whether you approach it in a measured and balanced way – will have strong health consequences. Choose the latter.

2017 Wellness Horoscope


Pisces 2017 Wellness Horoscope
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