Sagittarius 2017 Wellness Horoscope

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Though two long-term planets are stressing you out, many planets in Fire and Air are helping you. Further, after August 1st Jupiter moves into harmonious alignment with you and shifts the balance of planetary power in your favour. Health and vitality will improve dramatically then. Your 6th House of Health is not a House of Power and your tendency will be to ignore this area. You may not completely ignore it, but not give it the attention it deserves. Though we don’t see any sickness in the Horoscope, it would be a mistake not to take pre-emptive health measures.

Health should be given more attention. Pluto has been in your own Sign for many years now and will be there for many years to come. As written in past reports, this is showing a complete re-invention and transformation of the body and the image over time. The process began many years ago and is still going on. There is a redefining of your self-concept (how you think of yourself) and the package you are presenting to the world.

This kind of work needs intense self-focus. In order to improve yourself, you need to focus on yourself. But with Saturn opposing Pluto all year (same as last year), you have to divide your focus between yourself and your spouse, partner or friends. So the process of self-transformation is proceeding slowly. Your spouse or partner might not like the ‘places’ you are going to in your re-invention process, and could put up some resistance and opposition.

This too slows things down. Pluto wants deep personal transformation – not superficial cosmetic changes. Thus many of you have been (and still could be) taking drastic steps – fasting, dieting, herbal detoxing and even undergoing cosmetic surgery to get your body where you want it to be. This would be normal. Saturn’s opposition this year could indicate that finances (the cost of these things) are inhibiting you this year. Pluto in your Sign shows an urge to eliminate excess from the body – excess weight, unfavourable character traits and bad habits.

These are healthy activities if you follow them correctly – without hatred or condemnation of your present body or of the things that you are eliminating. Eliminate by focusing on the positives of your body and image – the negatives will die out by lack of attention. Don’t hate or be disgusted by the negative, just focus on the positive. A good year for weight loss, for those who want it. Love and financial issues can unduly stress both your health and self-esteem in the coming year.

You can reduce some of the stress by remembering that whatever is happening with some specific person, you are still a child of God and always worthy of love. You can be on the outs in a love affair or have a difficult financial period, but you are still worthy of love and need not hate yourself for it. In many cases where there are health problems the origin seems to be in a love or financial issue (both love and finance are intertwined this year). Spend some time clearing up the disharmonies there and chances are the health problem will disappear of its own accord. Even if the services of a professional are needed, the healing will go much more quickly and easily if you have addressed these disharmonies. Venus is your Health Planet.

She rules the hips and the kidneys. Thus health is enhanced by keeping these parts of the body in tip-top shape. Hips and buttocks should be massaged regularly. (Won’t hurt to massage the thighs as well.) The kidneys can be strengthened in natural ways through foot and hand reflexology, body massage, kinesiology, acupressure, acupuncture and Reiki. Since Venus is a short-term planet, your health needs – and the therapies that work best for you – will vary month to month. These short-term trends will be discussed in the month-by-month forecasts.

2017 Wellness Horoscope


Sagittarius 2017 Wellness Horoscope
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