Scorpio 2017 Wellness Horoscope

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Health is much improved over the previous few years. Whereas in past years you had a gang of long-term planets arrayed against you, now there are only two. By now you are a much tougher and stronger person. The body has been cleansed and purified, and the aspects now are much easier. The fact that your 6th House of Health is not a House of Power is another positive health signal.

You feel no need to pay much attention here. The danger of this is that you will ignore health and take it for granted – this would be a mistake. Health should given more attention this year – especially after August 1st. Jupiter will join Uranus and Neptune in a stressful aspect to you. Part of the problem comes from the stress of both a demanding career (very successful) and a demanding home life. There is a need to balance the two.

There will be many instances where you won’t be able to please either your boss or family members. Emotional volatility is also a health danger. Nothing drains energy faster than uncontrolled (and especially negative) emotional states. Like last year, the tendency is to extremes of emotion. The highs can be unreasonably high and the lows unreasonably low. The truth of any situation is somewhere in between. Mood changes also tend to be swift and bewildering, both for you and those around you.

The challenge now (as mentioned) is to cultivate peace, tranquillity and equilibrium. When extremes of mood hit you, try to shift into another mental gear – say to yourself, ‘I am not this feeling or mood, I am the Being that can feel.’ You can reduce the health stress of your ambitions by working smarter, more efficiently and more rhythmically. Work smart, not hard. Focus on the really important things and let other things go. Delegate responsibility wherever possible. Rest when tired. Don’t try to bull a project through when you are tired, as chances are you will make mental mistakes and only have to redo it. Listen to your body and be aware of your energy levels.

Work to plug the energy leaks in your aura. Talk less (a difficult feat this year, with all the Air energy around) and listen more. Think less and be aware more. Alternate activities as much as possible. Note when you get tensed up at work and take a few moments to stretch or release the tension. Avoid arguments and power struggles. Be aware of how you feel around people – do they make you tired, drain you, make you edgy or fidgety?

These are signs of energy sapping (much of it unconscious), which is one of the great (and as yet unknown to modern science) health dangers. When this happens, make a polite excuse and get out of the situation. Become an ‘energy-efficient’ organism. Invest energy only in areas that yield maximum return. You won’t do these things overnight, but you can make a beginning – and a beginning is much better than nothing. You will have many opportunities to put these things into practice in the coming year.

January 20th to February 18th, March 1st to May 21st, and July 13th to August 23rd are vulnerable health periods. Understand, you have plenty of energy to do the things that you need to do and have to do, but none for frivolities and side issues.

2017 Wellness Horoscope


Scorpio 2017 Wellness Horoscope
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