Virgo 2017 Wellness Horoscope

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Health is always important to you, Virgo. Even if your 6th House were empty, this would be true. But this year it is the strongest House in the Horoscope. Health becomes superimportant. The number one priority in your life. This is as it should be. Many Virgos are in the health professions – this, too, is as it should be. Those of you who are, will have an unusually busy year. With two long-term planets stressing you out, health and vitality are not up to their usual standards.

Thus, the focus on health is understandable. The fact that you do focus on this – that you do make it a priority – is in itself a positive health signal. Things would be much worse if you just ignored it. Virgos are great analysts in any field – but especially in health.

This has some very positive effects, as once the cause of a problem is known, the right medicine can be applied. But this year, too much analysis might be a hindrance. Much of what you feel, the ache here or there, the twinge, the various feelings in your body are not coming from some specific cause, but are merely side-effects of lowered vitality.

When energy is low there is greater susceptibility to opportunistic invaders. Innate vulnerabilities which wouldn’t normally manifest start acting up. The ability to resist disease is lowered. And it is fruitless to search for causes for every little symptom when the real cause is lack of energy – the primal disease. From an astrological perspective it seems wiser to build up the energy of the entire body rather than treat individual symptoms. If we strengthen the whole, the parts get strengthened naturally. Also much time and energy are wasted tracking down the causes of symptoms when this same time and energy could be applied to the solution – maximizing life-force and energy. Energy is like the petrol in your car. When it runs out you must stop and refuel. No use trying to run the car, as you can make things even worse – you could get stuck far from home in some desolate place. So, rest and relax more. Listen to your body. When you rest and sleep, learn to do so efficiently – in a completely relaxed way. Focus on the priorities in your life and let lesser things go.

You can’t do everything, be everywhere and please everybody. Choose what’s important and focus on that. You have plenty of energy for what you need to do, but not enough for side issues. Work more efficiently and with less expenditure of energy. Organize your day and workload better. Sometimes the mere shifting of different projects saves time and energy. Watch for tension in the body when you work – especially in the neck and shoulders. When you notice these tensions, try to consciously relax them. Visualize them relaxed, or massage the back of your neck for a few moments. Talk less and listen more. Think less and be aware more. Give your hands and fingers regular massage treatments. This can be done anywhere and it is unobtrusive.

This sends energy to the whole body. Massage the scalp regularly. (This too sends energy to the whole body.) Avoid arguments, conflict and power struggles. Avoid being judgemental or condemnatory. The body is a miraculous organism that can heal itself of anything. Many healings which should occur, don’t, because the energy is not there. The energy has been sapped by frivolities – being judgemental, condemnation, idle thoughts, idle gossip, mismanagement of time and negative emotional states. When these energy leaks get ‘plugged’, watch how your vitality and sense of well-being soar. What’s just been outlined are the basics of 21st-century medicine. Uranus is your Health Ruler and he is strongly positioned and well aspected – another positive health signal.

Your ankles (like last year) need to be given more support – especially for those of you who indulge in vigorous exercise or sport. Regular ankle massage would also be beneficial. Neptune (which rules the feet) is in your House of Health for years to come. Foot massage, foot baths and the like will also yield beneficial results. Experimenting in health matters is probably a pleasurable thing for you, Virgo, and you’ll have ample opportunity for this in the coming years. You seem open to new and unorthodox systems and techniques. As long as you do your homework, they seem beneficial.

2017 Wellness Horoscope


Virgo 2017 Wellness Horoscope
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