Virgo 2016 Wellness Horoscope

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Health Horoscope 2016: With Saturn firmly placed in your spiritual house, 2016 is a time to bring order to your inner life. For those of you not yet on a spiritual path, this is a period when you might very well embrace it. Health wise, with your 6th house of health strong and with your natural Virgo interests always in play, you will be in very good health in/ during 2016.

The least little symptom will be jumped on and dealt with in true Virgo style. Uranus, your health planet rules your ankles, so these always need special attention. Feet also come up in your chart in 2016 – wear sensible shoes, have reflexology and feet should also be kept warm in the winter. Ugg are definitely a must (around the house anyway).

2016 Wellness Horoscope

Virgo 2016 Wellness Horoscope
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