April 2017 Horoscope

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Our zodiac this month will offer us influences that will speed up action and highlight fundamental values, of which a certain return will be on the cards for us all collectively. In fact, the Mars-Mercury conjunction in Taurus will create a climate auguring well for reinforcing all the essential elements of harmony, solidarity and alliances in the wider sense.

Venus will resume her forward direction from the 16th, which means she will give all she's got to the transit of the Sun through Taurus on the 20th and bring us even closer to reality. However, the quincunx aspect from Saturn to the Sun will be of considerable help in getting everyone's responsibilities into perspective and giving them an aura of magic. A collective need for a clean conscience will bring us a climate favouring good intentions and a generous heart. The quincunx aspect from Jupiter to the Sun won't be a stranger to the important artistic creations underlying this favourable climate.

2017 Horoscope


April 2017 Horoscope
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