Aquarius 2018 Horoscope

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Forging a steadfast security base while reaching into groundbreaking territory is quite a challenge, and if anybody is up to it, it’s you! You may feel that you’re being transplanted, uprooting old situations, leaving behind the familiar and moving into the excit-ing realm of possibility springing from your creativity. The goals you set now may seem lofty, but you have at least one toe on the ground, and your enthusiasm about fantastic possibilities gives you the fuel to launch plans that will carry you well into the century ahead.
Uranus, your planetary ruler, continues its transit in your sign, aiding your ability to fully embrace your individuality and exercise your sense of autonomy.
Since this is a slow-moving cycle, the restlessness generated by the stimulus can leave you feeling that progress requires too much time, but when you look back on this period, it may seem that time itself has literally flown. The most intensive years of the Uranus transit are marked by the time when the planet is exactly conjunct your Sun, and if this is your year, it will be noted in the birthdate categories following. Neptune is also transiting in your sign for another eleven years, opening your sensitivity and imagination to realms that were previously beyond your grasp.
You may be having an experience of expanded consciousness that can be difficult to describe or explain.
Pluto’s slow-moving cycle continues to influence your goals, hopes, and wishes. As you realize many of your previous goals, you may recognize the need to completely revamp your plans. Eliminating targets that are no longer relevant frees your creativity for other more significant projects and actions.
Jupiter’s expansive energy highlights your need to broaden your security base and increase your creative self-expression this year. From January through July, Jupiter’s emphasis can stimulate your desire to give yourself more room to move, and you may do just that— move! At the very least, you’ll feel an impetus to have more space at home and may decide that it’s time to get rid of clutter. From July through December the influence of Jupiter moves into the realm of your heartfelt desires, vitalizing your creative drive and increasing your opportunities to experience and express feelings of love.
Your family may get bigger this year, bringing more reasons to manifest true joy.
Saturn’s influence adds intensity to your evaluation of your security needs, and you may feel that you are somewhat restrained in realizing all your desires because of your responsibilities. Satisfying your responsibilities is absolutely necessary, since failure to meet your obligations will result in long-term setbacks.
The eclipse cycles this year are quite significant, in that there are four solar eclipses and two lunar eclipses during the year 2018. While the effect of each eclipse is described in the monthly forecast section for your sign, the significance of the eclipses and what you may be feeling can be described by the transit of the Moon’s nodes. The nodal transit draws your attention to health issues, work conditions, and your desire to bring improvements into your life.
As a result, during each eclipse period you may feel that your motivations in response to the eclipse are driven by your need to feel that you’re making things better. That may mean that you need to evaluate your habits, change your routine, or make new commitments to yourself!

2018 Horoscope


Aquarius 2018 Horoscope
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