Aquarius 2016 Horoscope

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After a long period of being stationary (more than two years), Saturn will leave the House of Career with no warning. Its presence made you feel fed up with responsibilities, imposed many restrictions on you and made you go through many moments of frustration.

For those representatives of Aquarius that tend to be more determined, Saturn had an influence by motivating them to do a better job, to consolidate their social position and some of the results they have obtained have long term results.

After Saturn will have no influence over this sign, the professional life is going to reach a deadlock that you will quickly recognize. Some of the more difficult problems will solve by themselves and there are situations when all you have to do is wait in order to see the results.

During summer, Saturn will be back in the foreground! For the next three years, its position will affect your interest towards groups, friendship, your partnerships, your organizational interests, social activism and even politics. In 2016, you might handle this field like a real professional and nothing will seem like a burden to you; the experiences that you will go through will be real life lessons for you.

You will be rewarded with lasting achievements and you will manage to accomplish some important goals for you. Good news for Aquarius natives will come, in 2016, from Jupiter which will favor love and marriage in the first part of the year, but also relationships in general, including collaboration or business relationships, or your partnerships. This will be a good moment for your private life and also for creating new connections, new friendships, or for signing new contracts. In the second part of 2016, Jupiter will favor your money related problems and it seems there are going to be several advantages for you. Stay away from dishonest people and from unclear, illegal or immoral situations! 2016 will also be an excellent year for information, for study, for intellectual and emotional creativity and for communication with people around you.

2016 Horoscope

Aquarius 2016 Horoscope
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