August 2016 Horoscope

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August 2016 will be marked by the transit of Mars through the constellation of Sagittarius from the 3rd, creating a superb trine aspect with the Sun and Uranus in the signs of Leo and Aries respectively. Mars will be in conjunction with Saturn and this will unblock situations which had been obstructed, slowed down or restricted for three months.

The influence of Venus in Leo will take on a completely different tone from 6th August, when she moves into the constellation of Virgo, creating a conjunction with Jupiter and a square aspect with Saturn. Tension between values and the need for action will result, making it necessary for a number of us to take action in certain situations to gain more freedom and independence, even if that means going all out for a certain comfort or certain habits, which won't be unpleasant. The influence of the New Moon on 2nd August in the constellation of Cancer will restore your enthusiasm and energy levels in family situations, where harmony and cooperation have been lacking. It will be an ideal moment for family consultation!

2016 Horoscope

August 2016 Horoscope
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