Capricorn 2018 Horoscope

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Your creative sensibilities continue to provide the basis for your personal and professional growth, and by developing your talents and abilities you may gain greater recognition while enhancing your personal worth. Job opportunities and work circumstances may undergo improvements, but to improve your finances you may have to make radical changes in the way you handle your resources.

The expansive energy of Jupiter emphasizes abundance in the realms of pleasurable relationships, creativity, and better work circumstances. From January through the end of June, Jupiter’s influence aids your ability to attract the kind of love that frees your heart and allows your true creativity to shine forth. Then from July through the end of the year, Jupiter moves through the Sixth House of your solar chart, bringing health improvements and emphasizing positive changes at work. The test of these cycles rests in your ability to say “no” when you’ve reached the limits of your capacities to give your energy to others, and to know when to limit your work. You can push beyond your capacities before you know it unless you make a conscious effort to be attentive to your physical limitations.

Your planetary ruler, Saturn, is transiting in a supportive cycle to your Sun this year, aiding your ability to keep your priorities in order as you focus on your responsibilities. Strengthened productivity is a positive side effect of this cycle, and you may also feel much more confident about your commitment to an intimate relationship. In some instances this cycle indicates meaningful associations with children through your work or personal life, and your ability to guide and inspire others can be empowered by Saturn’s influence.

The long-term effects indicated by the cycles of Uranus and Neptune impact your material worth and value systems. Letting go of outmoded values can be a freeing experience, but first you may have to address your fears associated with changes occurring beyond your control. Pluto’s transit through the Twelth House of your solar chart stimulates a deep release of the things from your past that are no longer relevant to your life. You may become more aware of the workings of your inner self, and can use your dreams and periods of insightful reflection as guideposts of your spiritual and psychological growth.

During the year 2018, there are two lunar eclipses and four solar eclipses. It is unusual to experience this number of solar eclipses in one year, and the result can be an escalating potential for crisis through global events. On a personal level, the influence of each of the eclipses will be explained in your monthly forecast section. The underlying effects of the eclipse cycles are measured by the transit of the Mood’s nodes, and this year your emphasis centers around what you need from partnerships and your roles in relationships. Your feelings about your partner may require honest appraisal, and if you’re dealing with buried resentment or guilt, then this is the year to release negativity in favor of allowing a new quality to emerge. The changes Capricorn make in relationships can have far-reach- ing effects on other parts of your life.

2018 Horoscope


Capricorn 2018 Horoscope
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