February 2019 Horoscope

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Jupiter will move out of its square with Neptune and, once Venus enters Capricorn on the 3rd, our institutions will become fairer, insight will increase, and subtle sensitivity will replace our pipe dreams...Pisces will remain very busy as its master, Neptune, will remain within it for a few more years to come, and the sun, as well as Mercury, will also pass through it this month.

Our interactions with others will be full of spirituality and compassion, more in agreement with changes to come, with the lifeblood that pushes us to take action, striking a balance between the common good and our own personal objectives.Saturn, still in its domicile in Capricorn, will draw closer to Pluto and get ready a great "purification", a total upheaval of our social and political structures so that, hopefully, we can move towards greater justice and respect with Neptune powerfully and positively influencing changes.Mars will enter Taurus on the 14th. This planet of physical bonding and understanding will come into the cozy comfort of a sensual and exclusive sign... This could potentially lead to trying to dominate or smother our partners, but only for Leo and Aquarius. The earth and water signs will be more heavily favored this rather... torrid aspect!

2019 Horoscope


February 2019 Horoscope
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