Gemini 2018 Horoscope

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This is your year! If there are obstacles in your path, you can either see a way around them or use them as stepping stones to further your aims. Your attitude is one of confidence. Development of your career stems from the integration of your hard work and past experience, but your advancement is due more to your ability to pave the way with fresh ideas that are a testimony to your faith in the higher order.
The great news is that Jupiter—the planet of abundance, prosperity, and expansion—is in your sign from July through the end of the year. With good planning, you can use this cycle to open doors and make connections that will serve you for years to come. Since Jupiter transits in your sign only once every twelve years, this is, indeed, a remarkable time to take advantage of opportunities along your path.
Prior to the summer, Jupiter will be transiting through your solar Twelth House, marking a period of spiritual confirmation and expanding inner awareness. By utilizing the first half of the year as a period of surrender to your inner self, you can build a connection to your spiritual essence that, once you’re ready to take flight, functions as your wings.
It is the cycle of Jupiter in your sign that provides the stimulus to soar! The potentialdownfalls during these Jupiter transits revolve around a tendency to overdo it. Be particularly attentive to your promises, since in your time of confidence, you may commit to things that are difficult to deliver. Realize that more may be required than you initially expect, and you may need room for adjustments. It’s also crucial that you find the best possible way to show your gratitude, and that you accept the accolades and rewards coming your way with grace and humility.
Saturn’s transit works like a preview for the following two years. During most of the year, Saturn’s energy of restraint and clarification will be stimulating your need to release the vestiges of your past that you’ve outgrown; but during August and September, Saturn slips into Gemini for a brief period, allowing you to glimpse challenges you’ll face during the next two years. Use this preview to discover requirements that must be answered and to shoulder responsibilities with the understanding that they are part of your master plan.
The slower-moving planets—Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto—also offer particular challenges. Most notable is the continuation of Pluto traveling in opposition to your sign. The purging represented by this cycle takes a while, with the intensity increasing when Pluto makes the exact opposition to your Sun. You can check your birth date below to find out if this is the year you will experience the exact opposition, but even if you’ve completed the “exact hit,” or if it’s arrival is sometime in the future, you’re feeling the stimulus to clear out destructive and unnecessary elements from your life. That’s especially important this year, since you’ll feel eager to exercise those wings and can ascend to greater heights if you’re carrying a lighter load, particularly in regard to your personal relationships! Uranus and Neptune continue their transits through the Ninth House of your solar chart, opening your consciousness to new perspectives on spirituality and higher law.
There are four solar eclipses this year, bringing heightened awareness of your needs to balance your values with those of others and to reach a connection of heart and mind with those who share the circle of your life. Philosophical issues require your attention during the solar eclipse in February, and you may feel optimistic about making plans to improve your education or expand your business.
During the summer months, there are two eclipses. On July 1 you’re challenged to examine your values and personal worth, but by the time of the eclipse on July 30, your attention is drawn to delivering an important message. The last of the four eclipses occurs on December 25, when joint resources, inheritance, or debt issues can loom large.

2018 Horoscope


Gemini 2018 Horoscope
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