July 2017 Horoscope

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July 2017 will usher in a general climate favouring introspection and forging closer relationships with our nearest and dearest regarding values and common interests in the broader sense.

In fact, the Sun's transit through the constellation of Cancer will promote something of a need for unity and a rallying point with those who don't necessarily seek excellence, but more of a return to tradition, roots and personal foundations, in some cases in the past tense. The Sun's transit will create a square aspect to Jupiter and Uranus, highlighting differences of idea between what should be and what has been, between future plans and current and past means that could make this happen. Creative flair will be spot-on for filling in the gaps and being able to move forward effectively. Mars will be in fall in the constellation of Cancer, preventing rapid action, but giving pointers to flexible, sensitive and creative action, so you can benefit from the better influences of this period.

2017 Horoscope


July 2017 Horoscope
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